Perfect Digestive System and Metabolic Activities with Sufficient Quantity of Water

Sufficient quantity of water in right way is very helpful in getting perfect digestive system. If you want to have a good digestive system, create a habit of having sufficient quantity of water in your daily routine.

When we take sufficient water, some of its parts are extracted in our body and the other part of it helps in excreting the waste materials and poisonous salts from our intestines in our body. This way water acts as a good detoxing agent and is also helpful in providing fast weight loss.

Water is also used in digestion of food. If we take less water, food is digested anyhow but can create the problem of constipation. This can further cause some complex problems like piles and others. So it is essential to take enough water that helps to keep away constipation, making us fit and fine always.

According to one of the surveys, lack of sufficient water in a body can result in obesity. This can also cause some sort of swelling in body parts like in hands and legs. This can be mostly seen in overweight women and overweight children. Many times this problem may also be due to lack of hemoglobin in blood in your body.

Water helps in dissolving the salts inside your body. This is the reason why most of the doctors and fitness experts recommend having same quantity of water as compared to salt so that it can be easily soluble and do not create any problems.

Taking sufficient quantity of water also results in proper functioning of kidney and liver. Fat and overweight people need more water consumption than slim one. With right quantity of water metabolic activities are monitored perfectly and results in complete health and fitness.


On an average every one should take minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. Fat persons can increase their glasses according to 1 glass/ 10 kg. extra, as compared to their standard weight.

For example if a person is 90 kg. and his standard weight should be 60 kg. according to his height then he should take 3 glasses of extra water in a day.

Water helps in getting rid of excess fat that has accumulated in different parts of the body, which can not be lost by exercises. Taking sufficient quantity of water also controls our hunger as it helps digesting the food and make our stomach feels lighter and prepares it well for the next meal.