Planning to Start Exercising- Here Are Some Tips for Beginners

A US Marine Doing Pull-ups.
A US Marine Doing Pull-ups. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life of a modern – day man has been simplified due to a large number of technological developments. Fast moving vehicles drop us in our office within no time. Within office we sit for long hours on the same chair before the computer.

This leaves us mentally exhausted. We return home have dinner and then just doze off.

Even house – wives have most modern home appliances which hardly demand any labor. Small kids prefer to play video games. The net result is we do not have a chance of clubbing physical activity with our work. This necessitates regular exercise.

Many people start exercise but they lack the strong determination. They quit in between. This article intends to give some brilliant health and fitness tips to people who are planning to start exercise that is who are moving a step ahead towards healthy life.

Tips to Beginners of Exercise

  • Club Exercise with your Daily Activities – Try to reach office by walk or on a cycle. If the office is very far get down two stops before and walk down to office. People working at home can do some chores like gardening, cleaning the floor with the cloth without the help of a stick. Once your body is tuned to little bit of labor one can start with the regular set of exercises.
  • Choice of Exercise – Depending upon the taste one can choose dancing, walking, running etc as it becomes a habit and we enjoy doing it.
  • Time for Exercising – A normal health person can carry out moderate physical activities like walking, jogging for at least 30 min. To begin with we can start with a 20 min session but slowly reach the target of 30 min.
  • Doctor’s Advice – It is good to take a doctors opinion before starting as the exercises are different for different purposes. Depending on the diseases some exercises may suit some where as harm others. Some exercises do wonders to few diseases. So awareness in this line is very essential.
  • Set Realistic Goals – Many beginners start with aggressive exercises for a very long duration with an expectation of loosing weight very fast. This will create a lot of pain in the body and one will be discouraged to continue. Instead it is better to start in a peace meal manner.
  • Plan of Exercises –
    1. Begin with warm up exercises
    2. Then carry on aerobics or yogic exercises
    3. End with cool down exercises

Precautions to Be Taken By the Beginners

    • Check your Outfit:  It is good to wear loose fitting cotton dress as it will absorb sweat. Choice of proper shoes is also essential especially for those who want to start with a run or brisk walk.
    • Signs of Discomfort – It is good to stop exercises and consult a doctor if one suffers from chest pain, dizziness, muscle cramps etc.
    • Role of other Associated Factors – Exercise alone may leave you exhausted. It is very essential that we take a proper balanced diet along with exercises. Proper rest gives the body healing time and prepares us for the next day.

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