How to Self Treat Plantar Fasciitis Naturally at Home?

Recovery from Plantar Fasciitis may take short to long periods, depending upon the aggravation of the injury, and the method of treatment being followed.

Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis

While conservative treatments for Plantar Fasciitis can take a couple of months for patients to recover, medications can help in relieving the debilitating pain in one or both the heels.

Conservative treatments include:

  • Physical Therapy, which includes stretching exercises
  • Wearing Night Splints that can help stretch the arch of the foot and the calf, while sleeping.
  • Orthotics, where, heel cups, arch supports, or cushions are prescribed for helping the pressure to be distributed evenly to the feet.
  • Surgical treatment and steroid shots are also methods of treatment for Plantar Fasciitis when there are no other options for recovery.

While the above treatment options can work fast for many people, there are certain people who plan to self treat their problem at home.

Below are some good options you can choose to self treat the problem…

1- Insoles for Planar Fasciitis

The use of insoles has become a modern method of treatment for Planar Fasciitis, which has been clinically proven to provide relief not only to the heels, but also to the back, ankle, hip, and knee.

The  Twin-heel insole, developed by Medicovi has been proven to reduce pain arising out of Plantar Fasciitis and heel injuries, strains and sprains of the ankle and heels, and other types of injuries to the feet and the heel.

Developed with the aid of advanced Water Wave Therapy, the Twin-heel helps in increasing the blood flow and thus reducing the inflammation and provides relief from pain, which is long-lasting.

It easily fits into the shoe and is comfortable to wear. The benefits of using this insole have been clinically proven, and those who have used the Twin-heel insole, have recommended it for others.

2- Tropical Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles

Materials such as EVA and polyurethane are feasibly hard-wearing. But choosing tropical shiatsu acupressure insoles is the wisest decision you can make for the comfort of your feet.

Tropical Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles by U.S. Jaclean are the most recommended and best popular insoles that you can find online for purchase.

This Tropical Shiatsu Massaging Men’s/Women’s Full-Length Insoles offers multiple health benefits (as mentioned above) to the users due to which it is called as 3 insoles in 1.

These Tropical Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles when placed inside the shoes, works magically in relaxing the muscle tension and improving blood circulation.

Furthermore, as these are made of high-quality washable material they are long-lasting.

These are also convenient to place and comes in different sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. You can get them as per your size.

Overall this small investment is worth enhancing your health conditions and can go a long way.

3- Zoomie’s Plantar Fasciitis Socks Foot Sleeve

This premium line of compression sleeves offers you excellent support for your feet.

The unit includes one pair of soft lycra sleeves with compression straps and a send of extra hard neoprene support.

It helps improve blood circulation, relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, and decrease inflammation of injured areas. It is available in universal fit and you can wear it under shoes and make it invisible to others.

Persons suffering from severe foot pain in their heel, Achilles tendon, ankle, and plantar fascia areas will find this line of compression sleeves a great relief from chronic pains and aches.

These ultimate compression socks have non-constricting hems for keeping you comfortable as well as protecting your feet from swelling.

You can pair this open-toe sock with your favorite socks and enjoy maximum comfort, excellent performance, and fashion.

Zoomie’s compression socks are recommended for women, runners, athletes, hikers, bodybuilding persons, gym goes and persons suffering from Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

You can wear it if you want extra ankle support or arch support. This everyday wear finds an excellent choice by people who work on their feet all through the day.