Portable Pull-up and Push-up Bar to Help Tone Your Body

Everybody among you wishes to have a dream body, but seldom people achieve it. The sedentary lifestyle and stress both at home and work place has left you with no option than to skip your daily workout routine. You might be one among those who promise yourself to start your exercise regime each time you munch a brownie. But have you ever made that promise to a reality?

There is lots of limitation when it comes to choosing a work out pattern. Many would love to go to gym and have intense or heavy workout sessions. This might seem to be interesting in the beginning but you gradually tend to lose interest and eventually you skip your workout sessions completely. So, working out at home might be the solution.


Pullup bars

Work out in your home

Yes, you heard it right. You can convert your home into an ideal space suitable for workout. Home gym is an ideal concept and is gaining popularity these days. It is an ultimate solution to ensure that you do not skip your workout there by keeping you fit all the time.

Choosing the ideal equipment

Yes, your gym might have different kinds of equipment so as to tone each part of your body effectively. Buying and accumulating all of this equipment in your home is not an ideal solution. In such cases, you need to ensure the kind of workout pattern you need to follow. Whatever be your workout pattern just ensure that you include pull-ups and push-ups to your regular workout. These two exercise target every major muscle group of your upper body.

Although both pull ups and push-ups may be difficult to begin with – you can easily drop to your knees to do ‘knee push-ups’ and try ‘inverted pull-ups, instead of the traditional free standing pull-ups. This is definitely a preference for women and a lot of men who can’t do pull-ups, and don’t want to bolt anything to there doorway.

Benefits of including pull ups to your workout regimen

Push-ups and inverted pull ups are meant to be a full body work out. These two exercise alone with help you tone down your chest, back,,triceps, forearms, biceps, and shoulders.

Need for a pull up bar

A new and effective kind of pull up bars that is now available in the market was created by Dr. Len Lopez, whose background in strength training and sports medicine helped him design a Portable Pull-up Bar…aka…My WorkHorse.

The obvious advantage of Dr. Len’s Portable Pull-up Bar is that it can be used to do inverted pull-ups, which is great for all those women out there who struggle with pull-ups and don’t want to waste their money on a pullup bar that they really can’t use. The second advantage is that there are No bolts or doorways needed to hang it from, which means you have the freedom to workout anywhere – not just your closet or garage. Lastly, when you’re finished working out, you can quickly fold it up and store it away.

Pull up bar

Benefits of My Portable Pull-up Bar

  • No bolting required
  • No doorways or closets needed
  • Portable and light weight allowing you to work out anywhere; be it your hall, garden or even outside
  • Foldable and can be kept away neatly
  • Ideal for beginners, women and anyone who can’t do pull-ups
  • Does not consume much space on storage
  • Stable handle bars provides great support for both pull ups and push up purpose

With so many advantages for you awaiting why not just grab Dr. Len’s Portable Pull-up Bar at the earliest. It is available at www.myworkhorse.com. Order your fitness trainer and get started.