Post Workout Nutrition: Why Its Important?

Physical exercise is the most common way modern people establish the flow of energy in their body in order to stay healthy and highly functional. Some of us will prefer to practice a form of sport but the majority will go to the gym and combine weightlifting exercises with cardio-vascular workouts…

What is important to know is what comes after the workout, and the type of nutrition that will give good results in the process of repairing muscles after the gym. Post-workout nutrition will therefore ‘improve body composition, performance, and overall recovery’.

In technical terms when a person exercises, body tissues get damaged (muscles are burnt out), and it is important to ‘repair’ them as soon as possible, as well as enable them to grow, as this is important for the guys who are into building up muscle volume.

The actual muscle damage comes from the breakdown of old protein stored in muscles and it is crucial to building new protein inside the muscles.Carbohydrate depletion that follows as the result of a workout is also reason enough to build on them as well.


There are two processes that happen parallel when we are active. The increase of the blood flow enables nutrients to flow more quickly through the body, and amino acids with glucose are important to dense the blood supply during and after a workout, so that protein synthesis improves and muscles get repaired quickly.

Today the term for this is ‘window of opportunity’, and that means that there is a period of time, approx. 2 hours available for the intake of post-workout nutrients, or the damaged muscles will not repair, and they definitely won’t grow.

Experts like Alpha Wolf Nutrition would advise a serious person to consume nutrients as soon as possible but not later than 2 hours after the last exercise was completed.

What to eat is an important issue here. As mentioned, protein supplements such as those offered by A Plus Supplements are on top of the list for post-workout nutrition. Carbohydrates are important too, so taking them will create muscle glycogen. The most common form a serious person would take is a liquid meal, as the results will be the best in that all-important muscle recovery.

Most people who follow this procedure will come up with the question “which workouts are the best?”All workouts that are 45 minutes in duration or longer are good games. That will cut out walking the dog, riding a bicycle, or working in the garden on a nice sunny day. They are important too but do not qualify for notable muscle build-up.

To sum up, with an exhausting training that lasted about an hour one should start by taking 30 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of protein with 500 ml of water. It is fine to ingest this while working out in the gym or straight after it. The good combination of nutrients inside a drink is fast digested carbohydrates and proteins.

A slightly different formula should be consumed if the intention is simply to lose weight. I will mention for those ‘smart’ ones saying “I will simply take the drink as I keep watching TV”, that won’t have any effect! And at the very end, it will help to add some creatine to this workout nutrition drink.