Precautions During Pregnancy Month by Month

Becoming mommy for the first time is an exciting event to happen in any women’s life. It is perhaps an ultimate fulfilment in woman’s life. To be able to create life, to carry baby in womb for 9 months which will have both difficult and wonderful milestones that every woman experiences.

Precautions during pregnancy are something one should not overlook since; every stage has its own way of reacting hence; extreme care is important throughout the pregnancy.

Precautions during pregnancy

Typically a pregnancy takes about 32- 42 weeks. However; for anyone who is pregnant the idea of childbirth is bit overwhelming. But what is more important is the time period of 9 months of the pregnancy to pass. Since; each stage has its own way of showing and reacting to the woman’s body. Pregnancy is divided in to 3 major trimesters i.e. first, second and last.

Each of these trimester spans over the period of roughly 13 weeks or 3 months. However; pregnancy is a period that requires taking precaution month by month so that you can deliver a healthy baby. In here, precautions required to take in every trimester is better described with distinctions.

Pregnancy month by month shows the pattern of changes in the body and behaviour. The first 3 months which we count as a first trimester are the most important months that primarily involve your baby’s development. Hence; extreme care and precautions during first trimester is necessary. The first trimester is the delicate of all stages of pregnancy, you must be equally cautious of the risk involved.

Avoid physical taxing work, travelling, smoking, drinking, caffeine, saunas and hot tubs, spicy food etc. which lessens the risks. Initially you might feel lethargic, indigestion, heart burn and there is morning sickness and nausea to deal with. During this time eat several small meals and probably walking could help to get through with your first trimester.

After the completion of your first trimester i.e. 3 months, the period of 4-6 months is known as 2nd trimester. Women feel energized as the morning sickness scenario has almost gone and the development of the baby starts getting felt with in. The belly bulge also starts getting prominent during this time which again need extra caring and precautions.

Regular check-ups are the must thing during this time. The 2nd trimester is all about advancing pregnancy – foetus from a hazel nut size now starts growing as a human baby.

Your last trimester of pregnancy i.e. 7-9 months is filled with variety of emotional and physical symptoms. This time period is often looked as the preparation of child birth.

In some cases cramps but no period is observed along with brown discharge which should not b overlooked. You should consult your doctor for same as soon as possible. So under precise medical guidance, would be moms ought to begin childbirth exercises. Moreover; taking more rest and not pushing yourself with core tasks will help you relieve from major physical discomfort.

In Short, these 5 precautions during pregnancy can help you to have a healthy baby.

1. Balanced diet is a must when you are pregnant to keep you fit and fine. It is must that you care for yourself when you are 3 months pregnant.

2. Regular exercises should be the part of routine during pregnancy.

3. Special care should be taken towards the prescribed medicines by your doctor.

4. Regular medical check up is must for your health during this period.

5. Giving some time to your hobbies during this time can help you a lot to forget the pains during pregnancy.

All above precautions can result in a successful delivery and gives you a cute, beautiful and healthy baby. So just be sure you have a healthy and most enjoying pregnancy.