Raw Food Snacks – Healthy Choice for Your Family

Raw foods include foods which are not cooked or processed. A general raw snack includes both Vegetarian and Non vegetarian food products. A healthy raw food snack would be a complete vegan diet because when it comes to a meat product it is definitely not safe to have it raw under all circumstances and it is not required also.

A healthy raw snack would be great option for any age groups. There are varieties of salads, juices, wraps, crunches when coming to healthy raw snacks. It is very easy to make, less time consuming, low calorie, tasty and a perfect healthy choice. Some people think that from raw snack we do not get proteins, fat etc. But for your knowledge raw snacks are also filled with proteins and other nutrients. Also these do not include unwanted chemicals and additives.

Why Raw Food Snacks?

Raw food snacks are much easy to digest and the nutrients are easily absorbed from this food by our body. There are many methods of making a raw food snacks. They are soaking, sprouting, dehydrating, blending, juicing, chopping, slicing etc.

Soaking is the method of washing the nuts or grains and soaking it into water minimum for 6-8 hours. By this the nuts or grains prepares itself to grow into a plant where the nutritional inhibitors and the toxic substances are minimized or completely destroyed.

Some beneficial enzymes are also produced by soaking. By sprouting the nutritional value is still more increased because sprouts contain all elements for a plant to grow and survive which means sprouts are the store house of protein, vitamins, minerals, starch etc.

Dehydrating is a process of removing water slowly from fresh fruits and vegetables to make it long lasting and tasty snack. Other preparation method like blending, juicing, chopping or slicing helps to make the food more edible and appealing.

After consumption of the raw food snacks you can feel yourself light and fresh. It also has long term benefits like slowing your aging process, skin becomes clear, reducing the inflammations and improving the vitality.

Raw Food Snack Ideas

Who will not like a tasty and delicious food that quells the hunger and is free of chemicals, preservatives and packed with nutrition and energy? Below are some ideas of raw food snacks.

  1. Healthy balls: Take handful of dates, nuts, and raisins; soak it in water; make a smooth blend; add small apple cubes and mix well; make balls and roll over coconut scrapings
  2. Stuffed dates: Just open up dates and stuff it with coconut jaggery mix
  3. Fresh juice made out of lemon and mint
  4. Fruit smoothies topped up on fruit salads

There is even more plenty of lip smacking raw food snacks loaded with nutrients and you can search for them online at various other blogs. Just add them in your meals and give your family something different that it requires having.