Recumbent Vs. Upright Exercise Bikes – What To Choose For Ideal Exercising

Cycling is one of the best ways to keep the body in a desirable position. But this may be hectic for many when they need to go out daily for exercising. For this very reason today most of the people prefer stationary cycles. These exercise bikes and cycles are also getting popular among people who fear of bad weather and excessive traffic outside.

Stationary cycles have been in the market in mainly two styles- the upright and the recumbent style. Both these bikes are good for exercising. In upright exercise bikes, the seat is positioned almost rightover the pedal and looks very much like traditional road bikes while in a recumbent exercise bikes, the seat is located in accordance with the ergonomics.  Both are very effective to burn calories and for lower body workout. Let us look more about these bikes here in this article.

Exercise Bikes

Advantages and disadvantages of these exercise bikes

In an upright exercise bike, the rider’s position is not very stable with a very center of gravity, while in a recumbent bike, the rider has a very comfortable position and can sit with a leaning back.

The upright bike appeal to people who are physically fit and want to have a nice exercising experience. Rider here need to sit upright and lean forward to have a better grip on the handle. This many times results in sore hands and wrist pain due to more stress on these joint areas.

People who have lower back pain often found the riding experience on a recumbent bike very relaxing. This is because the body mass gets distributed evenly. We all know that how cycling for long hours can build the stamina but also makes us fatigue.

This however does not hold true with recumbent bikes as the seat is very comfortable and resembles like that of a lawn chair. People with advanced age find the bike very comfortable for exercising and that too without any stress. Many personal trainers suggest their clients with back pain and other ageing problems to ride this type of bikes to become physically fit.

In an upright exercising bike, the stress is more on buttock, feet, and the wrists. So it’s best to choose a recumbent bike if the rider is overweight or is suffering from any cardiovascular disease. One can find the recumbent bikes in a wide variety of designs and configurations.

This means the bikes come with different wheel base and some with a rear wheel or front wheel drive. For people who consider cycling as an ideal alternative to running, upright bikes are the safest bet to gain a healthy body. The safety aspect is much better with best recumbent exercise bikes as these are comparatively more near to the ground.

Recumbent bikes considered better than upright exercise bikes

There is less fear of a sudden fall from the recumbent bikes while exercising than from an upright bike. The uncertainties of having any head injuries are also minimized here. The handlebars are also well positioned than that of an upright bike.Some of the designs of these bikes have longer frames than traditional bicycles.

This results in less flexibility of functionality of the rider. As longer distance of handle bars from the seat result to uncomfortability of the rider. Thus we can see both the exercising bikes come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

There is a wide variety of both the bikes available in the market. So one must choose the bike keeping in mind the health conditions and also not to forget the advice of the physician. The prices should also be compared well online to get a valuable product for the money.

The recumbent bikes require a larger space to accommodate in a room than the compact upright exercising bikes. But as all know health is the most important consideration while buying an exercising bike. The best exercise bikes are the one that provides excellent cardio workout and creates less stress on the knees, ankles, joints and back.