Say goodbye to dandruff in the goatee- Tips to use and remember

Dandruff is not something you want, on your head, your eyebrows or anywhere around your bear or goatee, period. It is but annoying and very embarrassing to walk out in public with such irritation, especially when it itches and you have your hands tied.

Dandruff- how does it happen?

As the skin ages, the old cells dry up and flake on the surface of the scalp, which is normal and it leads to cell shedding over time. Now this isn’t abnormal, we all go through it at some point in time, but what is not normal is that the amount of skin cells that fall. Often than most, it would be in large numbers, much more than what it should be. The flakes concentrate and combine in clusters at times, and the shafts start falling, which is seen on your clothes, especially around the nape of the neck and the shoulders.

Along with this, there would be itching as well. It is not life threatening and one doesn’t have to think of high end cures for the same, but it certainly is a peril which most of us suffer. Men suffer more, because of the dandruff not only on their heads, but on their beard too. There are many herbal remedies and over the counter products to help you with the same. Sadly, a cure for beard dandruff is yet to be found.

Symptoms should be recognized

When the skin cells fall and flake in excess, excessive scaling happens. This could happen on your beard as well. There would be white flakes appearing in the hair, on the pillow case and on your clothing too. Along with this, beard dandruff also comes with itching, which is annoying to say the least.

dandruffUse a mild shampoo

Experts suggest using a shampoo which is mild, which would help men with beard dandruff. Some men have dandruff on their eyebrows too, and hence choosing a shampoo that wouldn’t irritate the sensitive zones and yet keeps the peril in check would be advisable.

If you check online, there would be many over the counter shampoos available to use. Choose one which has coal, tar, sulfur, salicylic acis, zinc pryithione or selenium sulfide in it. To know if the shampoo has all of these, check the list of ingredients used. If the shampoo doesn’t have either of them and yet says it clears dandruff, look for another product and don’t buy this one.

How to use the shampoo

While showering, the shampoo should be used well on the affected area. Most would say to use and leave the product in the affected zone for some time, which would be right. Let the shampoo stay as recommended and then wash away till the water runs clear. If the shampoo isn’t thoroughly cleansed off, sediments of flakes and dandruff would still stay back. This would only give birth to new problems and more itching ahead.

Once the showering, shampooing and drying is done, relax and be calm. Stress factors also aid in the growth of dandruff. Meditation can help relax; proper sleep and lots of water too can help. Regular eating habits and exercising everyday would also help with getting dandruff of your head and beard hair.

When to see a dermatologist?

You may have switched shampoos and seen or tried many of them over the counter, and yet none of them worked that well. This is when you should seek help from professionals, either online or in person. Some of us suffer from uncontrollable beard dandruff issues, and it is only with the help of dermatologists that we can bid adieu to such issues.

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Jude Williams opines that beard dandruff issues can be annoying and very embarrassing for men, which is why a solution is needed. If switching of shampoos and other remedies haven’t worked wonders so far, it is time for you to then think of services such as Speak to experts and they would be able to cognitively guide and help you get rid of itches and irritation, caused by flakes and dandruff issues.