Should you take your little one to a chiropractor?

Nothing concerns us as much as the health of our children. The smallest illness can easily send a mom into a panic whenever her precious little ones are involved.

That’s why we only want the best medical care for them. However, it’s not always easy to tell what’s wrong with a baby.

Babies can’t communicate at all except through crying and facial expressions, and even toddlers might not be too precise or accurate when describing their symptoms.


Sometimes, a parent becomes desperate to soothe her crying, obviously uncomfortable infant or to get to the root cause of colic and other similar problems.

That’s why more and more parents in America are turning to non-traditional medicine for solutions to their problems.

While they usually try natural or organic food supplements first, a visit to the chiropractor comes in as a close second.

The idea that a chiropractor can help a baby with a tummy ache or an ear ache is not exactly strange. In many parts of the world, healing with touch therapy, massage and other techniques are a time honoured way of curing illnesses and alleviating body pain.

In America, chiropractors are required to take several years of college education in addition to courses specializing in chiropractic care.

They are thus trained medical professionals. Still, their status in the popular imagination still locates the chiropractor in the “alternative” realm, perhaps because some people find the philosophy of attributing a person’s wellness or otherwise to the alignment of his spine and joints a little hard to accept.

Chiropractors who practice on children say that they don’t set out to cure a particular medical condition, but rather to keep the child’s spine and joints in the proper alignment, soothing away tension and encouraging overall health and well-being.

Treatment from a chiropractor is not meant to take the place of a pediatrician’s care and chiropractors will be the first to admit that.

Some people, however, are still leery of sending very young children to a chiropractor. They cite the fact that this kind or treatment has not been studied extensively enough to prove that it’s absolutely safe.

Many pediatrician’s would not advise seeing a chiropractor unless the child is suffering from musculo-skeletal problems simply in order to reduce the risk of any adverse reactions.

In the end, it’s still your call – seeing a chiropractor could be beneficial to your child, but there’s no guarantee that it’s a hundred percent safe or if it’s effective at all.

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