Six Easy Ways to Get Fitter and Healthier

Losing weight is about making simple changes but good ones.  Aside from getting more active, it is really about making changes to your lifestyle.  That means planning well ahead for your meals and sticking to an active program.  Here are some six suggestions make those small but positive changes.

  1. Eat out less and prepare meals at least 2 days in advance. My wife and I normally cook for 1 meal for both dinner and lunch. She normally prepares four serves 2 serves for our dinner and the rest stored in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. Even better if you want to save more time, why not cook more than 4 serves, and have the meals over a couple of days.

Not only will you cut down on bad calories, you will eat out less and save money.

  1. Walk, walk and walk.
  2. If you a newbie, use a fitness tracker to monitor your daily activities. You may be surprised by the lack of steps walked and low number of calories burnt off. Fitness trackers are surprisingly a great motivating tool to help you meet your daily goals and it is a great exercise partner.  Whether it is walking 10 000 steps or more, or jogging more a fitness tracker can keep tabs of steps taken, distance walked or runned, count your heart beat and checking whether you got enough sleep (at least 8 hours a night) and you can even monitor your food intake.

Especially when you are close to that 10 000 step mark, you will be keener to walk that extra block or instead of taking the elevator to work you may be even more tempted to walk up the stairs to and from work to make up the numbers.  You will be surprised at how often you will monitor your activity.

Get Fitter and HealthierFor beginners this a great starting point to walk 10 000 and more steps a day, and gradually ramp up the intensity with jogging and more.

At the tip of your wrist, activity trackers can spew out useful data about you and your activities.  There is never a reason to have one, especially when you have struggled to shed the belly fat.

With today’s trend towards smart styled technology, the best fitness watch also acts as a smart watch with smart stuff notifications like notifying you of incoming calls, text and so on.  What a convenient and necessary tool.

No excuse to wear one 24/7, and monitor your physical movements.

  1. If you are into the walking or jogging, try swimming. It is a great exercise to get into. As mentioned in point 4 above, you can grag yourself a fitness watch, but a waterproof fitness tracker built for multi-sport and swimming functions like the ones found at the link Some of the devices can time the laps swam, number of strokes, distance swam and so on to help you improve your performance and speed.
  2. Build muscles – having muscles on your body is healthier that fat hanging off your waistline. So why not start with body weight workouts like push ups, chin ups, Spiderman crawl, glute exercises, star jumps as a kick start towards burning the fat. These all can be done at home.
  3. Don’t have the time – this is a no excuse article. Sorry a weak excuse set up for failure. Make a time, and get into Interval Training.  This is imply done by mixing it up with low intensity and high intensity workout with little rest periods. To find out some simple interval training, just surf online for some tips.  It is easy to get into and you will not need to spend hours at the gym to get the results.