Smoking and Its Effects on Body

Smoking is undoubtedly a serious problem that one should try to get rid of as soon as possible.

There are various negative effects of smoking, that are seen on your body without you knowing about it. The worse it can cause is incurable cancer which results in death sooner or later.

Here is an article about some dangers of smoking on the body that one should know about.

First of all, due to smoking the amount of oxygen received by the body decreases considerably, which leads to various health problems.

This is the reason why oxygen therapy is used for some patients to treat the problems that arise from smoking.

effects of smoking

Further smoking damages cilia in the body as soon as the smoke gets in. Cilia are the hair extensions that affect the circulations negatively inside the body when it gets damaged by smoking.

Also, it affects the skin and the skin looks older sooner. Skin start showing wrinkles which are due to the damage caused by smoking.

Smoking also negatively affects the most important organ of your body which is the lung. The inhaling of smoke damages the alveolus in the lungs which can’t be repaired well and well as it was before.

Most smokers, alcohol drinkers, and drug users are aware of the short and long-term effects of substance abuse, but they continue with their habit anyway.

Not only the lungs but also other respiratory organs are affected negatively when a person gets trapped in this unhealthy habit. The harmful chemicals that enter the lungs through the mouth and nose act as a slow poison for smokers which results in total body loss sooner or later.

Smoking affects your body very seriously and one should take appropriate action as soon as possible to quit the unhealthy habit. The risk of getting various heart diseases, strokes, and cancers also increase for people who cannot quit smoking.

Smoking doesn’t care at all and leaves equal tragic results, no matter what your age, gender, and race are.  Even it strikes the people who are near to smokers and causes various ill-effects on their bodies.

Not only these harmful effects, but smoking also creates harmful addiction for regular smokers. The craving for smoking is dangerous for people and leaves the smokers unsatisfied until it is provided to them.

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