What Are the Top Hemp Smoking Products You Must Have in Your Collection?    

Today’s cannabis consumer has evolved and is always looking for new ways of smoking hemp.

Weed could never have had a better time, and the same applies to the people who love a puff of this smoke that takes you places.

However, before lighting up a product, you need to check if it is legal to smoke hemp where you live.

Here are a few hemp smoking products any hemp-smoking collector would envy and would love to add to their collection:

smoking products

1- A Special Pipe

The good old, classic pipe still packs a punch, especially when you load it with potent smokable hemp. While a pipe is nowhere near a bong or chillum, a pipe serves the purpose very well.

Especially on a windy day, and when you don’t have those nimble fingers that can roll up a joint in an instant, the pipe is the best resort when you want to enjoy a whiff of fresh air with some classy hemp.

What’s more, you get them in classic, handmade ceramic, briarwood, meerschaum, corncob, or exotic rosewood or pear-wood.

2- The Bong

A simpler version of the pipe is the bong, a great way to light up hemp and smoke away to glory. One great advantage of smoking with a pipe or a bong compared to a joint is the former’s absence of carcinogenic paper.

A bong filters the smoke through water (with the classic gurgling, bubbling sound), allowing you to savor the raw flavor of hemp in its pure form.

Bongs come in glass, add to the décor and class, and are an all-time favorite with most seasoned hemp smokers.

Undoubtedly, bong makes one of the most natural and sought-after hemp smoking products you would ever find.

3- Rolling Paper for Hemp

Just as you have cigarette paper, you also get sustainable hemp-rolling paper today.

Some people are still nostalgic about the good old joint-rolling days, and if you are one of those, you’ll love rolling your joint in the hemp-rolling paper.

This unique paper contains low fibrous flavor and provides an excellent grip for beginners, enabling you to roll your joint in seconds.

4- Portable Vaporizers

If you are a fan of vaporizing hemp, you’ll be interested in portable vaporizers, which are great for smoking cannabis flowers and hemp concentrate.

While these portable vaporizers are priced slightly higher than the other options, they make a great way of getting high on hemp, that too in a matter of seconds (20 to 25 seconds flat).

These vapor pens are easy to carry, though a tad bit difficult to clean after each use.

5- A Hemp Grinder

You will need a hemp grinder to grind the hemp to a perfect powder before you can smoke it.

Keep in mind that hemp comes in small clumps and can be difficult to pulverize with your bare hands, as most seasoned smokers do.

A hemp grinder would come in handy to grind your hemp to a fine powder before filling up your pipe or bong. This hemp smoking product is an option and not an absolute necessity, mind you.

Summing it Up

It can be fun for some people, contemplating the many ways you can smoke hemp using hemp smoking products. Exploring the options can be exciting and informative.