Social Anxiety Disorder: Common Symptoms and Curing The Problem

Social anxiety is an intense feeling or fear of being judged by others. People suffering from such disorder often feel nervous and breathlessness in a gathering.

The main reason for this disorder is that they have the feeling of being closely watched by others. Consequently, people suffering from social phobia, avoid taking part in social gatherings. They stay quiet or hiding themselves.

Social anxiety disorder results in excessive and unreasonable fear when interacting society. These disorders affect a person in various ways. The thought of mingling into a crowd of strangers can be very distressing. It affects their mental health and they simply avoid the getting into such gatherings.


Perspiring, mild shivers, breathlessness, red face, blushing, nausea, upset stomach, increasing heart beat, feeling dizzy are some of the common symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

How to cure social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder is a serious illness that needs to be attended properly.. Eliminating negative thoughts is the first measure one has to take to manage this disorder.

Social phobia is developed due to the thoughts that their behaviors is being studied and judged by others. Having positive attitude and increasing self esteem will help to conquer such feelings.

Breathing exercises will help to reduce stress. It can slow down the heart rate, relax the muscles and eases the anxiety. One has to stop catastrophic thinking as it increases the level of anxiety. Boosting the self esteem is the best way to get rid of social anxiety disorder.

Disorder treatments:

Cognitive behavioral and NeuroFeedback are another effective treatments for social phobia and anxiety. It involves releasing negative pattern of thoughts from their mind. It helps to increase the self confidence and boost self esteem.

It basically includes three steps, identifying the negative thoughts, reasons behind their anxiety and replacing of negative thoughts with positive ways of thinking.

Another widely used treatment option is exposure therapy. It involves examining behaviors that occur during such situations and make them to learn how to handle such situations. Relaxation techniques are very effective in treating social anxiety disorder.

Avoiding gatherings will not help to conquer social phobia. One has to win over the fears using relaxation techniques. One can also take the help of social anxiety dating sites that helps in getting the problem solved to great extent.

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