Soy Milk vs 2 Percent Milk: Which Is Better for Diet Conscious Women

A few months back, pouring fat-free milk in a cup of coffee or making tea has been a choice to enjoy the sips. Due to the availability of low-fat-free alternatives, it has become easy to switch to milk which is healthier and good in taste. Soymilk and cow milk are packed with nutrients.


Some people feel tough to tolerate cow milk due to allergies and in the case of soy milk, it is not recommended for everyone.

In most situations, those who are allergic to cow’s milk or particular taste preference or intolerant to lactose in cow milk choose soy milk as the best choice.


Useful to shed weight

Soy milk and cow’s milk with low fat contain the same amounts of nutrients and provides 8 grams of protein in a single cup and fortified with vitamin A, D, and B-12, calcium, and Phosphorous.

Cow’s milk includes saturated fat with cholesterol, whereas soy milk lacks it. It is considered a healthy source of omega -3 fatty acids or alpha-linolenic acid.

Well, it is observed that today every person efforts a lot to shed weight and track the food consumed in the diet.

Most of the studies have confirmed that counting the calories while consuming a diet helps you lose weight fast when compared to those who eat without counting the calories.

Perfect in calories and nutrients

The main purpose of counting the diet calories is to know about the foods included in the meals and count the amount of percentage of calories present in them.

This is a helpful idea to compare different foods and make a better choice.

The calories in Milk 2% are 137 and 90 in soy milk, which mentions it clearly as soy milk as a healthy diet. Though there are saturated fats of 3 grams in milk 2%, no point of saturated fat is available and found with 2g poly-saturated fat and 1g mono-saturated fat in soymilk.

This is the main thing observed by people while going through the calorie list.

Protects from heart ailments

In the case of cholesterol milk, 2 % is with 20 gms, no trace of cholesterol is found in Soymilk due to which it is considered as healthy for the heart.

Sodium, potassium, and total carbohydrates in soy milk are lesser than milk 2% and sugars available are 6g in soy milk.

Protein being the most useful nutrient for the body is 6g in soy milk and 10 g in milk 2%. Fortunately, soy milk and cow milk help people with heart disease risk and it is found that milk with less saturated fats protects against heart ailments and strokes.

Besides this, soy milk and milk 2% are both effective for building muscle and the best source of protein with all the essential amino acids that are important to build muscles.

Above all, those who are allergic to milk 2% consider soy milk as the best.

If you are intolerant to lactose, it is good to try soy milk and enjoy the taste and its nutritional effects on health.

As advised by the soymilkexpert, if you suffer from hot flashes, then consume soy milk as it helps to relieve the symptoms.