Staying Healthy: Choosing the Right Doctor

You care about your health, and you know that one of the most integral parts of any health equation is a good doctor. Sure every doctor should be “good” – they took an oath, and attended medical school.

That’s not to say there are “bad” doctors out there, but there’s also a lot to be said for choosing a doctor that connects with you on the level of your health goals, and communicates well with you. This is the kind of “good doctor” that’s going to be right for you, and is going to build the best plan for you to maintain and upkeep your health. There are many ways to choose a doctor that’s right for you, here are a few tips on how.

right doctor

Your Community: Your Best Resource

No matter who you are, you undoubtedly have a community of people that you know and trust. Probably, the reason you do trust them is that you share values about communication and empathy that identify with. These people are your best resource to ask about which doctor you should visit, and form a professional medical relationship with.

If you’re having trouble finding people that you can get recommendations from, try handing out some custom printed business cards with your information on them. It’s a great way to network, and help people remember who they’ve met, and who they can connect with again. In terms of choosing the right doctor, building relationships in your community will open your resources and sample data group to a much larger extent – one that will give you the added benefit of accessing all of their experiences with local doctors, and pass them along to you.

Online Reviews: Can be Useful

When you’re looking for a good sample set for experiences with local doctors in your area, the internet can be useful. While you have to take everything you see with a grain of salt (there are some unstable people who write on the internet), there are some great resources like Angie’s List that can tell you who to see, and what experiences with different doctors have been like.

Look for repeating themes among reviews, both good and bad – these are the most accurate ways to prove what you’re seeing online; because you know you’re not just seeing the ramblings of one single untrustworthy person. This is really the best way to peruse these reviews – browse and speed read for any themes, and ignore the extreme opinions of any one person.

What to Look for In Your Right Doctor

As you get all kinds of recommendations from other people about what the right doctor is for them – you need to start thinking about what the “right doctor” looks like for you. Aside from some gross malpractice, there’s really no “wrong doctor” – it’s all about what you’re looking fo rand what you expect from them. Consider what you want your experience to be like. If you’re looking for just someone who will address your single issue, and let you be on your way – you might want to look for a doctor that someone else complains about being “too fast” with the time they spend examining you.

If you are looking for more of an all-encompassing solution to your medical plan, definitely look for a doctor that has reviews stating that they are very thorough and take a lot for time to ask as many questions as possible. This will help you get the best doctor that isn’t just “good”, but represents the best fit for you.