Stomach Problems during Periods

Menstruation cycle every month reminds us that we are capable of reproducing which is undoubtedly a very beautiful feeling. But menstruation cycle brings along number of painful symptoms along with it like bloating, gas, diarrhea, pain in lower back, hips, abdomen area and constipation etc. The various problems associated with period occur either due to hormones or chemicals.

Keep in mind that intricate balance of hormones and chemicals helps in normal ovulation and menstruation to take place every month. The changes in both progestestrone and estrogen hormones are responsible for any symptoms that occur. They cause stomach problems during periods like gas, bloating and constipation.

When menstruation occurs, prostaglandins chemicals are released from body. If prostaglandins are present in excess, it can cause uterine cramping and discomfort. It also causes stomach problems during periods such as diarrhea, gurly noises you that experience during periods as they cause increased contraction and motility of the smooth muscle of the digestive tract.

Women suffer from constipation problem prior to the menstrual period which gets resolved within first few days of menstruation. Even various studies have confirmed that women are likely to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach problems during periods. Some women also suffer from gastrointestinal problems but not IBS during periods.

To cure stomach problems during periods, there are number of remedies. These homely remedies are not only effectual but simple to use. Explore them below!

  • Include high-fiber rich food items, whole grains, cereals and vegetables in your daily diet. Avoid too much intake of salt, alcohol, spicy food items, sugar, dairy products and caffeine in your diet. Also enrich diet with colorful fruits and sprouts as they help in combating constipation etc.
  • De-stress yourself by suing relaxation techniques like yoga, pranayams, meditation, deep breathing exercises in your regular lifestyle.
  • You would be glad to read that performing exercises on regular basis is an effective way to get relief from symptoms of menstrual periods. These exercises reduce stress and boost your digestive system to function in much better and healthy way.
  • NSAIDs like Advil or Aleve helps in decreasing prostaglandin levels. But these medications should be taken only for short term period as they can upset stomach. But these NSAIDs should be avoided in case of bleeding abnormalities, pregnancy, history of stomach or intestinal ulcers, history of allergy to this type of drug and asthma etc.