Supplement Your Body With Vitamin D And Calcium – Know The Resources

A body needs best supplementation with age. What’s the logic behind it? As you are growing, old cells are depleting and new cells are formed. It is same fro bones and also for the skin. Bone density maters a lot to make bones strong and lower the chances for a body to suffer from osteoporosis. Calcium intake through natural resources is also good to be part of regular diet.

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Vitamin D and Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium present in food consumed. If this essential vitamin is not present inside body, all the calcium consumed go wasted and excreted as such without benefitting a body.

Vitamin D and Calcium go together for improving the bone mass in particular and for improving the over health in particular. How to extract more calcium from the diet consumed? Here are some good suggestions for efficient resources of vitamin D.

Main Sources of Vitamin D and Calcium

Calcium is not produced by a body, but can be supplied externally. Only good diet supplements a body with calcium. Dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt are all excellent source of calcium. Many other resources are also good suppliers of calcium like some mentioned below!

Kale, Collards, spinach, white beans, okra, soy beans, oatmeal, orange juice, salmon, rainbow trout, and perch fish.

Vitamin D Is Abundantly Found In The Following Resources:

  • Beef liver, fatty fish, cheese, and yolk of eggs
  • It’s not that much easy to get vitamin D from food items. It’s only 20% of the food that brings vitamin D.
  • What is the maximum limit of calcium and vitamin D to be obtained from food resources? Here is the guideline issued by institute of medicine.

Calcium Needs in Children

  • 700 milligrams in one day to be consumed by 1-3 years old kids
  • 1,000 mg/day in kids of the age group 4-8 years
  • 1,300 mg in one day in children of the age group 9-18years.
  • 1.000mg per day for the age group up to 70.
  • 1,200 mg in one day for the age group of above 71.

Daily Calcium Rich Diet for 45 Years Old Man

There might be several other suggestions for a diet that is rich in calcium and that needs to be consumed on daily basis for a man who is 45 years old.

He should consume 100mg fortified oatmeal.

  • Skimmed milk 1 cup
  • 452mg yogurt without fat
  • Spinach 146mg

This is very good diet for people who are having calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is produced under the skin while exposure to direct sunlight, but excess of everything is bad and so is true with Vitamin D.

For treatment of calcium and vitamin deficiency, it is important to consult your physician at first for getting the right prescription and right medication. You can also contact your dietician for right food plan that could help your health in the long run along with supplementing your body necessary calcium and vitamin D reserves for enhanced performance in routine life activities.

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