The Best Activities And Sports You Could Do With A Knee Injury

If you have recovered from a knee injury or knee surgery, returning to any activity may be challengeable. The reason is that your knees need staying in shape during this period. It requires you to be smart in selecting the most suitable activities for your demands.

By playing right cardiovascular exercises, this helps you stay active and supports your knee for many years in the future. The effect of cardiovascular exercises is the ability to supply a huge source of oxygen to the painful areas. As a result, it contributes to reducing your feelings of soreness.

Normally, it takes you several weeks to join an activity or sport after recovering. For more safety, you had better ask the doctors before deciding to play any type of sport. Keep in mind some important things when playing sports and activities. You want to play a physical activity, but worry if this can affect negatively to your knees.

Do not be so nervous. There are dozens of supportive tools for sports and activities. One of them is knee sleeves. Once you have best knee sleeves, it helps protect your knees effectively during your workouts. The followings are low-impact activities that you can play after recovering.


People with osteoarthritis and knee injuries will be surprised at the great benefits of cycling. Cycling is a good way to improve your general health in many aspects such as your endurance, your cardiovascular and your flexibility of knees. It is evidence that even osteoarthritis can get benefit from regular cycling.

However, they should avoid braking suddenly because this might put high pressure on their knees. Instead of moving on tough or hill terrains, osteoarthritis could choose flat places as a better replacement. Another ideal option is cycling on the gym floor. These flat terrains require low resistance level to protect your knee effectively. If you want to reduce the pressure on your knees, you had better raise your seat.


Upper Body Equipment

Upper body machines are a great solution for people who cannot withstand the pressure of cycling on legs. Using these machines encourages the strength of your heart, biceps and other parts of your body. You can choose an arm exercise machine that requires the movement of arms instead of legs. In this case, your arms will work as the legs to push the bicycle pedals. There are also circuit-training programs for our upper body. They are completely suitable for people who need low workouts and high level of repetitions. Make short breaks after each exercise.

If you are not familiar with upper body equipment, you can invest in an elliptical machine. With this machine, you can move faster with the minimum of pressure on your knee. This is because the tool allows you to move faster within a circular shape.


Other Suggestions

If you prefer outdoor activities, there is a variety of options for you to choose from, including rowing, brisk walking, bowling, and weightlifting.

  • Rowing: Appropriate rowing plays an important role in improving our heart and the upper body. There is the minimum of pressure on your knees; therefore, you will feel comfortable during your workout. Try to keep the angle between your knees and the seat at 90 degrees.
  • Walking: If you want to enhance the strength of your knees, walking is one of the best options. Another great benefit of walking is the ability to support your heart through burning calories. You will need walking with the slow speed and short distances first, then increase gradually the miles of walking. Check your progress by calculating the distances you can walk per day.


  • Bowling: As a safe sports type for a knee injury, bowling is a favorite option for many people. It is advisable for you to use a lightweight ball instead of the common balls. When you find any soreness on your knee, stop playing bowling.
  • Weightlifting: In addition to the basic function of enhancing strength, here is a perfect recommendation for reducing knee pains. This great feature comes from the encouragement in bone development.

As we have mentioned above, you should ask the opinions of medical professionals before getting involved in any type of sport. For people with cardiovascular problems, an important requirement is avoiding playing activities with high pressure.

Most of the people feel better when engaging in an activity even with the knee injury. Doing exercises in a slow and gradual way for not affecting the knee pains. In the first period of knee recovery, you should remain 2 to 3 times of exercises per day, 30 minutes per time for the best result. Once you feel unpleasant, stop trying all sports and activities. This helps protect you from the risk of more serious injuries.

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