Knowing More about the Care Cancer in France

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and dreadful diseases in the world. Cancer can affect anyone in any range of age. It will not differentiate the gender even in some cases of cancer, the women get a higher risk than the men.

There are many types of cancer that can affect the human body such as lung cancer, breast cancer, childhood cancer, retinoblastoma, and uveal melanoma. Cancer also can affect adults. There is no exception for cancer diseases.

Cancer care

Since cancer is one of the most serious diseases, some countries have built the center for the treatment of cancer diseases. The cancer care in France is conducted by some institutions including the government institution, private, and the university.

They provide the treatment for the patient with cancer disease and socialization about the cancer disease, Moreover, they also conduct the research and development for finding the medical method and drug for curing the cancer disease.

As we know that some of the cancer diseases are incurable. In France, one of the institutions that provide the treatment is Institute Carie.

The InstitutCarie is built and developed as a part of Marie Curie cancer care. The main missions of this institution are research, care, and transfer knowledge about cancer diseases.

These missions are divided into some main points such as the development of clinical research and basic science including biology, chemistry, and physics. This research will develop new treatments and drugs for curing cancer disease.

The institution also gives the treatment and care to the patients in the assimilated hospital. They also make the corporation with the Unicancer Federation.

Moreover, it also focuses on the socialization and the transfer of knowledge of cancer disease for the people so that people can know more about the cancer disease. This case is important since the prevention process should be done by people to reduce the risk of cancer.

As mentioned above that the cancer disease can affect anyone in any range of age. The child is no exception to be affected by cancer diseases. Child cancer is different from adult care. Cell cancer in a child is developed from embryonic tissue for the development of organs and tissue.

Meanwhile, cell cancer in an adult is developed from the renewing and or aging tissue. However, cell cancer has less impact on the mutagen changes when children are exposed to the environment.

There are several types of childhood cancer including Ewing tumors, Neuroblastoma, and Rhabdoid tumors. Some tumors will progress quickly. However, with the result of the research, the children can be saved. Up until now, the research is still going on for the development of the treatment and drug.

In the future, they hope can save more children and find a better medicinal method for curing disease. It needs a lot of help from people to do the prevention of cancer disease. The government also should give support tothe institution so that cancer care will be better in the future.