The Standards Undertaken by a Good Dentist

People have become extremely conscious of their well-being and health. They no longer prefer to be exposed to the conventional treatment methods of dental care.

It has become a renowned fact that the practice of these traditional methods will bring harm in the long term for patients.


As opposed to the conventional approach to dentistry, the holistic approach seems to be gaining popularity rapidly.

No one wants to be subjected to the experience of sitting through invasive and painful procedures that are an essential constituent of conventional dentistry.

However, even though visiting the dentist is necessary for every individual, it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. That’s what holistic dentistry is all about.

Conventional dentistry uses toxic materials and harsh chemicals, which are replaced in holistic dentistry with natural and safer alternatives.

An orthodontist is called the best dentist because they prevent their patients from being exposed to the toxins included in traditional dentistry and are concerned about their overall health.

They only use the best orthodontic dental supplies that are safe for the patients and do not provide any harm to them while getting the treatment.

The only problem that individuals might encounter is that there are numerous dentists out there and it may be a dilemma in itself to choose one who is qualified and effective.

It is not possible to hand over the responsibility of your oral health to some unknown dentist.

However, there are some specific standards followed by orthodontists and holistic dentists that can be used to judge their efficacy and authenticity.

Firstly, a good dentist following the holistic approach will never make use of mercury amalgam fillings in treatment. 50% of these fillings are made up of mercury, which is a toxic and dangerous lead.

These filings are offered by traditional dentists to their patients, but holistic dentists prevent their usage and will never even offer them as an option.

This is due to the fact that these dentists don’t wish to jeopardize the health of their patients and wish to provide safe and healthy treatment. Moreover, mercury emits toxic vapor even when it’s removed and a good dentist is aware that it’s of no good.

If these fillings are even offered as an option, the dentist shouldn’t be chosen because their office and treatment areas might have mercury vapors.

Similarly, a holistic dentist doesn’t utilize fluoride for cleaning the teeth while it is a common practice of conventional dentists. This is because even though fluoride may have lots of benefits, it has side effects that cannot be ignored either.

So, a holistic dentist will not even recommend their patients to use fluoride toothpaste because it might have long term impacts on their teeth.

The issue of drilling is also not encouraged in holistic dentistry. The dentists don’t wish to inflict any harm on the natural teeth of patients and are very conservative about root canal therapy, dentures, and crowns for this purpose.

Thus, no matter what the scenario is, it is the practice of a holistic dentist to consider the overall health of individuals making them the best dentist.