Three Time Periods of Pregnancy

The period of 9 months of pregnancy is crucial for any woman. It is the time frame that a fertilized egg develops fully into a new born. The three time period of pregnancy are known as 3 trimesters. Each of these trimesters extends over a period of thirteen weeks i.e. 3 months.

However; there are no such rules as this can vary depending on the woman’s pregnancy conditions. The general trends of the movement and the growth changes in each trimester.

Three Time Periods of Pregnancy

The sign of the missed periods in is the first sign of being pregnant.  From that date of missed periods to 13 weeks, it is the period of fertilization. The first trimester i.e. first 3 months are considered to be the crucial as the development of the baby happens in this time period. During this period the shape of baby is forming from embryo.

Heart activity is seen, and by the end of 2 months the baby’s sex can be known. There are heavy chances of miscarriages in the first 3 months, if appropriate care is not taken.

Then comes 2nd trimester, an important time period that starts from 14th week and lasts till 26 the week. To count in months it starts from 4rth month to 6th month. The 2nd trimester is all about progressing pregnancy. Your baby’s movements are felt. By 17th week the baby begins swallowing and sucking, and by half of the pregnancy period i.e. 20th week the baby starts sleeping at regular timings. By the end of the 2nd trimester, the heartbeats can be heard outside in a quiet environment.

Now come the most important period of pregnancy i.e. last trimester. Starting from 27th week to 42nd week, a woman undergoes a lot of physical changes and experience discomfort in her day to day work. Leg cramps and body ache is usual discomfort seen during the last trimester.  Women also experience sleep disturbances which aggravate the cranky feeling as this last trimester is termed as a preparation time for the child birth.

With the beginning of 27th week the baby movements are at peak and the mother can clearly feel the kicking of the baby in her belly. The baby’s senses are all fully developed by week 30. It is said that, the baby can smell, hear and tastes from this week onwards. By the end of 36 week baby’s immune system is developed and is ready to face the new world anytime.