Tips for Checking Baby Temperature

Do you have young children, infants, babies, toddlers or kids at home? I wonder most of you moms are always worried about their good health, especially when they require good care during the winter months.

As the winters approach your baby needs to get extra attention so that they did not get infected by the virus and bacteria that causes cold, flu, sneeze, etc. But it is sad to reveal that in spite of taking all the prevention steps our babies have to suffer from one of these problems during the season.

Fever and cold is a common problem for all babies during the winters and should be dealt with utmost care. Health problems like cold and flu in babies is common because of their weak immune system. As the immune system of babies is not yet matured it fails to fight with the commonest problems.

Especially during the first few months parents need to take special care for their babies so that they can sort out the issues easily.

The baby suffering from fever should be diagnosed by a doctor immediately. Whatever the doctor discusses in this plan is vital and parents should understand it thoroughly. The doctor may prescribe bronchodilator medication; that will be anti-inflammatory according to the condition of baby.

However before you visit to a doctor it is important for you to note that the problem your baby have is actually a fever and nothing else. For this you need to check/record the temperature carefully.

How to Check Baby Temperature Effectively?

You need to check your baby’s body temperature so that you can understand that you baby have not caught by fever. According to using a modern digital thermometer to check the body temperature of your baby is good as it is simple and easy to use. As the traditional thermometers were not that safe as well as accurate, using the digital thermometer is a good option.

Rectal temperature is considered as the most accurate temperature of babies. Arm pits are generally less accurate though many parent place thermometers over the arm pit to determine baby temperature. There are several ways to determine baby temperature. Here are some effective ways to do so:

Rectum: First let your baby to lie down on their stomach or on the side. Then, a little petroleum jelly needs to be added at the tip of the thermometer. Insert it in your baby’s rectum gently. Do not force it and make sure that it is inserted only an inch. Keep it until it beeps.

In this way you can get accurate body temperature of your baby. It is best for determining body temperature of babies who are not more than three months old. Do not forget to clean the thermometer by rubbing it with alcohol before using it again.

Mouth: It is another place where you can place thermometer for checking baby temperature. Gently place the thermometer and then ask your baby to close the mouth. Keep this in place until it beeps, and when it starts to beep drag it out softly and check the reading.

Armpit: Armpit is also used to check baby temperature, but normally it is not considered as accurate. Place the thermometer over the armpit of your baby and ask him / her to hold it for a few seconds. When the thermometer starts to beep, remove it and check the temperature on the digital LCD.

Overall, an active and positive life is essential for a baby’s health. Your baby should be active, lively, playful and able to perform all daily activities without difficulty. Avoid the factors like dust, pollution and damp environment as these are the major triggers for childhood fever and other health problems. Though the condition cannot be reverted, the frequency and effect of it on health can be kept under a check.