Tips for dealing with nausea during pregnancy

Nausea during the time of pregnancy is a very uneasy feeling that cause discomfort for most to be mothers. Pregnancy can never be completely separated from nausea which is a bitter part of the pregnancy. In most cases that is more than 50 percent of pregnant women experience morning sickness.

nausea during pregnancy
nausea during pregnancy

The phenomenon is natural and hence there is nothing to be worried about for the moms thinking about nausea. It can happen anytime in a day but very common at the time of a mom waking up.

Taking into consideration some small things in mind a mom to be can take care of their morning sickness.

  • Make sure to avoid an empty stomach during the time of pregnancy. Before rising from bread try taking a toast of coarse grain with tea/milk or biscuit with water. Drink buttermilk, skimmed milk or plenty of juice throughout the day that can keep you healthy at the same time give some relief from nausea.
  • Never cut out the food or meals, but try to eat very less food at small intervals failing which continuous puking can case dehydration as well as harm for the baby. Breaking you three course meals to five or six meals in a day can certainly ease the discomfort of nausea.
  • Don’t take a nap or stretch down immediately after your meal in pregnancy as this will make you more comfortable and throw up.
  • Try taking light and non oil food. Oily, greasy and fried food can take longer time to digest as well cause discomfort in the stomach.
  • Consuming ginger in tea or in the form of capsules can help in reducing morning sickness.
  • Zinc and Vitamin 6 also are known to reduce morning sickness but can be consumed only with advice from your doctor. Banana, hazelnut and raisin also can be a substitute for the above said.
  • The smell of cut and fresh lemons can be refreshing during pregnancy thereby reducing morning sickness.

Pregnancy is not a time to be stressed out but to relax. Taking into consideration all the above said tips administered at home, moms to be can have fun and enjoy by waiting for the arrival of their little buds. You may check this article to know more about the nausea problems and tips for pregnant women.