Top 3 Natural Remedies for Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss is a common problem these days among men. And each year millions of dollars are spent by the people who are looking for good remedies for male hair loss. Today there are many cures available for to treat male hair loss and you can also get some effective health and fitness tips online that can help you cure the problem completely.

English: Mitch Elias before hair transplant
English: Mitch Elias before hair transplant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ranging from simple cures to complex like hair transplant surgeries, there are many options available for you to choose as a remedy for male hair loss. Which ever treatment option you choose it is very important to choose it wisely because this is the only thing which will decide the re-growth of your hair.

Also there are few effective natural remedies for male hair loss that will help you effectively in re-growing the lost hair. The best part of these natural remedies is it has no side effects at all. And also these do not cost more as compared to other methods like surgery.

1- First of all Saw Palmetto is a natural dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor that helps in blocking DHT which is a main hormone responsible for male hair loss and baldness problem. One can easily get this at a medical center and the recommended dose that can be taken daily is about 1500 mg.

2- Another natural product that helps as natural remedies for male hair loss is Biotin. Along with healthy diet this B-complex vitamin works brilliantly as a “hair food” for hair follicles. Along with 3000 mcg of Biotin good nutritious diet rich in iron, magnesium, and silica helps a lot and control hair loss.

3- Getting a right amount of sleep is also a good remedy for mail hair loss. One need to get at least 8 hours of sleep so that they can remain healthy and fit which will further help in mail hair loss.

These are the top 3 natural remedies for male hair loss that can help you cure the problem fast and easy.

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