Top 5 Ways on How to Treat Tooth Ache Naturally At Home

It is very common to see people at any age holding their cheeks suffering from tooth ache. In medical terms tooth ache is also called as odontalgia or odontalgy. Tooth ache is the condition of pain in the area around the tooth, gums, jaws which may be due to any infection, dental cavities, broken tooth, etc.

Tooth ache may also occur due to the sensitivity in certain tooth. The cause of the pain may be diagnosed through proper dental examination which may call for the need of x-rays and other methods. The general cause of the tooth ache remains to be the poor oral hygiene.

The remedial options for the tooth ache are more. Most of the times the tooth ache can be treated at home only without the need to visit the dentists. After recovery a good oral hygiene will prevent the recurrence of the pain. The dentists sometimes do not recommend for such home remedies even though they produce good relief without side effects.

Treating Tooth Ache Naturally at Home

When coming to a home remedy you should not think home remedy as a magic which will give instant relief or give a permanent solution. For certain people going to dentist remain night mare. Some just hesitate to go to a dentist thinking of the procedures of testing and diagnosis. So choosing for a better home remedy for tooth ache will always be a good option.

1- Salt water mouth wash: this is very simple and effective method to get relieved of the tooth ache. Just add a teaspoon of salt in a cup of cold water and use this as mouth wash for 6 hours once.

2- Wheat grass: This is very effective in case of any infections and tooth cavity. The grass can be chewed and the juice should be retained in the mouth for few minutes. The juice can also be used as a mouth wash. In both the cases the juice should be spitted off.

3- Ice cubes: Direct application of ice over the painful areas will help soothe the pain. This is also useful in cases of bleeding gums. Holding the ice in the painful area for 3 to 4 minutes will provide instant relief. This should also be continues 3 to 4 times a day.

4- Cloves: This is the traditional remedy which is being used since years for the tooth ache relief. Cloves are generally placed on the area of pain and left for hours. Slowly the juice of the clove provides a numbing sensation to the area there by reducing the pain.

5- Garlic: This is also one of the traditional remedy for the tooth ache. This is a good anti septic and provides a numbing effect to the painful spot. The only drawback of this is that the odor of the garlic is so bad that after this the person feels difficult in speaking with others. So this remedy can be best made use of in night times.

These are a list of simple home remedies which give very good relief in most of the times. All the methods are completely safe and free from any side effects.