Top Exercises with Resistance Bands

Exercises with resistance bands works exactly like a cable machine. It provides continuous tension on the target muscle when you are performing any exercise using resistance bands. These types of exercises work great on your target area while training your major muscles giving greater balance and agility.

Exercises with resistance bands are just like your cardiovascular and body shaping workouts. Before starting these exercises, you should at least perform 5 minutes of aerobic-warm-up exercises. Also make sure you perform 10 minutes of soft cool exercises and stretching exercises after completing your set of exercises which requires resistance bands.

With this article, you can learn about the best workouts using resistance bands to get into perfect body shape. So don’t waste time and start reading below!

Chest press:

It is one of the best exercises with resistance bands. Wrap band around pillar and hold ends with hands. Keep elbows slightly bent and arms parallel to ground. Now squeeze chest and press arms in forward direction. Return back to original position and repeat exercise 10 times.


Hold resistance bands in hands in front of you. Keep it at shoulder level and then slowly lower yourself into full squat keeping your back straight. Come back to starting position and perform 10 repetitions.

Resistance bands run:

Stand on band with feet comfortably width apart and hold its ends with our hands. Keep head and back straight. Now run on the spot whilst keeping the band underneath your feet. This exercise nicely tones your body, makes you fit and build muscle endurance in a great way.

Triceps extensions:

For performing this exercise, stand on band with legs width apart. Hold ends of bands with hands, keeping them near to ear with your elbows in a flexed position. Now straighten up your arms and then slowly bend them at elbows to the original position. Go for 10 reps.

Biceps curls:

In this exercise, stand on the band from middle place with shoulder width apart. Keep palms facing out while holding ends of band with hand.

Now slightly bend your knees and flatten your stomach and start moving your arms bringing palms towards shoulder area to perform a bicep curl. Come back to starting position and perform 10 reps of this exercise. This is one of the top exercises with resistance bands for achieving flat stomach and toned body.

Hope the above written exercises with resistance bands really helps in achieving well-shaped body in a healthy way!

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  1. The convenience and the quick change from one exercise to another is just a couple reasons why resistance bands are great. You can take them with you when you travel and not worry about not being able to exercise as you can work your entire body.

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