Top Ten Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

What gives certain unhealthy foods a mistaken identity of being healthy? There are many foods that celebrate an aura of healthiness courtesy their names that have a wholesome sound or are derived from a nation that is well known for its healthy cuisine. However, these foods are pretty much misnomers and are extremely unhealthy.

At the same time there are some packaged foods that are marginally healthier than their counterpart junk foods but fall short of providing substantial boost to one’s nutrition’s. On a smaller scale, there are certain foods that, although high in calorie, offer good nutrition when consumed in moderate quantities with the problem being that they are difficult to consume in meager amounts.

Top Ten Unhealthy Foods To Avoid

Here we take a look at some of the unhealthy foods that must be avoided at all costs in order to maintain a healthy life.

• Microwave popcorn:

A bagful of microwave popcorn makes for an excellent and instant snack in between meals. However, it has been revealed in a recent study that the form of packaging involved in this food contains perfluorooctanoic acid that is responsible for reproductive disorders. It also enhances the probability of having cancer. The studies report that the popcorn bags contain certain lethal chemicals which mix with the kernels on heating and become potent causes of liver, pancreatic and testicular tumours.

• Grain-fed beef:

Many farmers have switched to the use of grains such as corn in order to feed their cattle as a replacement for grass. These grains cause an early maturity in the animals by increasing growth hormone levels making the animals slaughter ready faster. However, it also leads to a lack of essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium and vitamin E.

• Non organic potatoes:

Fungicides, herbicides and pesticides are incessantly used by farmers for treating insects and bugs who are always held responsible for a damage of crops. These chemicals get absorbed by the fruits and vegetables that are grown on the sprayed land through which they can enter the human body and hamper normal biological functions.

• Artificially produced milk:

Many dairy owners often resort to injecting hormones into their cattle to boost the production of milk. This increases the risk of infections in the animals and upon drinking the infected milk from the cattle, humans are susceptible to contracting breast, prostate and colon cancer.

• Cheesecake:

Don’t get fooled by the innocent and tasty look on a cheesecake! A single serving of the same in its frozen state contains as much as 29 grams of saturated fats. This is extremely unhealthy in terms of calorific value.

• Canned soups:

For those who have a history of chronic heart disease and high blood pressure running in the family, a treat of canned soup can prove to be fatal. Canned soups contain a very high quantity of sodium that can adversely affect the individual’s blood pressure levels.

• Bacon:

Although they make look scrumptious, bacons contain a considerably high quantity of fats and calories. This unhealthy calorie content can lead to a number of cardiac diseases and cancer problems for the consumer.

• French fries:

 Crunchy and delicious, French fries are a staple food as far as the world of fast foods is concerned. Unfortunately, a zero nutrition value and rich fat content combine to make this food a really unhealthy one for its consumers.

• Canned tomatoes:

Tin containers are normally used for storing canned tomatoes. The containers are made up of an organic compound called bisphenol-A (BPA). This compound has been reportedly blamed for heart diseases and chronic diseases such as diabetes. Moreover, an increased quantity of BPA in the human body has been linked to infertility among men as they affect sperm production.

• Farmed salmon:

Recent studies have suggested that salmon fed on soy products and leftovers from poultry farms are lower in vitamin E contents but have a rich content of toxic materials. Inspite of all the talks of the healthy effects that salmon fish is said to have, staying away from them would actually prove to be a wise decision.