Treat Depression With Balanced Testosterone Hormone

Depression is quite common in men facing declining testosterone levels. This decline is common in elderly men and depression is also observed natural in old people. Balancing testosterone hormone levels helps to great extent in coping with depression successfully.

Treat Depression

Study Support

A study conducted at University of Western Australia reveals the connection between testosterone levels and depression. Men belonging to the age group of 71-89 were selected for this study. Total numbers of men was 3987.  Details about demographics were collected from the study participants. Depression treatment was applied for tem and Australian health database was used to get information about their health. Testosterone levels of participants were determined through blood tests that gave the real picture of testosterone in a body.

Results: It was observed by researchers that 203 men, who were facing depression, had low testosterone levels. It was also found that lowest T levels resulted in acute depression in men.

SSRI Treatment

Cognitive behavior therapy works well for treating SSRI. This is also resulted from the latest study conducted b researchers. ‘

A trial involving children of age group 12-18, having depression attacks, shoed negative response toward SSRI. 344 were total patients picked from 6 US centers during 200 – 2006. Treatment options were assigned randomly to the study participants. Some were giving different SSRI, some were given CBT, some were switched to Effexor, and some others were supplemented with CBT treatment along with Effexor.

Results: It was observed that CBT treatment when applied to depression patients has given very good response. SSRI and Effexor alone didn’t show any significant results of lowering depression. It was also observed that 40% of the participating children didn’t show any response to the depression treatment.

Diagnosing Depression At Early Stages

For better tackling depression, it’s important to diagnose it at early stages. You need to recognize the symptoms of depression that are disturbing your life for quick recovery. Consulting your doctor will also be helpful in understanding your depression level and finding out the core reason.

Depression kinds

Depression can be any of the following categories

  • Major depressive
  • Dysthemic
  • Catch-all (when depression is not of the other two kinds)

Bipolar disorder is also another major reason of depression in which patient faces depression in different phases and also mania. Depression varies from person to person as conditions are different so are the depression types.

Apparent Symptoms Stress Doctor Consultation

Signs of depression whether acute to intense help you in knowing the right time of consulting expert physician.

Is There Any Test To Diagnose Depression?

No, there is no lab test to diagnose depression; it can be determined only through apparent symptoms observed by your doctor. Medical and family history also helps in getting clear picture of depression.

What Causes Depression To Attack Human Brain?

When imbalance in chemicals found in human brain, termed as neurotransmitters occurs, depression appears. Among other factors contributing depression include environment, gene makeup, physical health, psychological capability of handling matters.

If you are suffering from depression and find low testosterone levels as one major reason, then it’s time to consult with an expert physician, who knows the latest approaches regarding depression treatment through testosterone balance. Quality treatment to enhance the production of testosterone hormone ensures not only your physical health, but mental well being as well.

Right diagnosis at right time leads to the right treatment!

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