Ukraine Surrogacy: The Trend That Every Hopeful U.S. Parent Needs to Know About

Ukraine surrogacy is one of the best-kept secrets in international surrogacy programs. And one that any American parent looking to surrogacy programs needs to be aware of.


Surrogacy is something that may not even be on your radar, but chances are, that if you’re reading this article, you are one of the thousands of couples in the U.S. that have been stricken with infertility issues so severe, your only hope is to look for a potential surrogacy program.

Surrogacy programs are multifaceted, often confusing, and generally overwhelming possibilities. The great part about that is that as a consumer, you have options.

Surrogacy Ukraine has been exploding in recent years, thanks to friendly legislation, healthy mothers, and excellent healthcare programs. Many surrogacy agencies in the US will also work directly with Ukraine surrogacy programs to get you the family you’ve always dreamed of at almost half the cost of the reality of domestic surrogacy programs.

Ukraine Surrogacy Boom

Since 2002, Ukraine Surrogacy laws have been safely in place and happily received by many couples who are looking for a surrogate. Laws regarding both the health and care of the surrogate mother, as well as legal protections for intending parents make Ukraine surrogacy a highly sought after solution to an incredibly arduous problem.

Reproductive medicine has been a top priority in Ukraine’s healthcare focus since the 1980s. So much so, that the first child conceived via extracorporeal fertilization was born in Ukraine in 1991. Since then, the country has focused efforts on both improving healthcare and assisted reproductive technologies, as well as protective legislation for the parties involved.

Ukraine Surrogacy Benefits

Besides the exceptional focus on reproductive technologies, and laws making Ukraine surrogacy some of the most straightforward and easily navigable in the world, there are also quite a few other big benefits that ukraine surrogacy provides prospective parents. Genetically linked intended parents are immediately named on the birth certificate as the child’s legal and rightful parents without any extraneous legal proceedings.

Not only that, but the intended parents are seen legally as the child’s legal guardians from the moment of conception on. This allows for the parents to make any and all choices regarding the child’s health during the pregnancy.

Furthermore, as an intended parent, you can choose between gestational surrogacy, egg/sperm donation, and special embryo adoption programs and any of these Ukraine surrogacy services can be utilized without having to obtain any specialized permissions or permits for these procedures.

How Ukraine Surrogacy Works

First, it is mandated by Ukraine law that any couple seeking surrogacy from Ukraine be legally married in the country that they are from. No specialized visas are required for US citizens with a valid passport to travel to Ukraine. All you have to do is book the travel arrangements. It is strongly advised that couples select a local agency that works with Ukraine surrogacy agencies. This helps to ensure that all litigation can be handled by lawyers and medical professionals that understand both the US system as well as the Ukrainian one.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and unlimited IVF attempts are perfectly legal within Ukraine, so intending parents never have to worry about accessory restrictions should any attempt at IVF conception not implant. PGD is a novel approach to IVF treatments in which the expectant gametes and embryos are assessed for viability, disease, or genetic abnormalities prior to implantation. Within Ukraine surrogacy programs, it is also perfectly legal for your surrogacy team to inform you of the sex of the baby prior to implantation, should you prefer.

Generally, intending parents will be asked to meet potential surrogate candidates prior to the initiation of IVF treatments and contractual arrangements. This allows parents to get to know their surrogate, as well as take the time to go through any of the necessary procedures to finalize the IVF treatments.

The Beauty of Ukraine Surrogacy

Ukraine surrogacy works very similarly to other domestic surrogacy plans, except that you must expect to travel to Ukraine. For most intending parents this trip works two fold, one part vacation of a lifetime, and one part opportunity of a lifetime.

Ukraine is an absolutely stunning country, with incredibly friendly people and is steeped in history, centuries-old architecture, and near boundless countryside. And held, somewhere within that gorgeous countryside, is the kind and wonderful woman who is excitedly awaiting her chance to help you build your family.