Useful Tips to Quit Caffeine

Caffeine seems to be one of the substances that have gone through most researches in the world. It brings both benefits and harms to the body. If you consume the more, your body will build a tolerance and can overload adrenal glands and put you in a cycle of fatigue. Besides this, caffeine a lot of affects the quality of sleep at night. Let’s look at the tips to quit caffeine.

Quit CaffeineTry Green Tea: You can start by substituting one cup of daily coffee with green tea. If you take 4 coffees a day, drink two coffees and two green teas. Green tea includes caffeine in lesser quantity and is also a healthy drink.

Drink other milk drinks: There are many milk drinks other than coffee. For example, hot chocolate, hot vanilla almond milk or a chai latte.

Address the social experience: Drinking a coffee is more like a social gathering. People love sitting at a café with friends and enjoy the drink. However, paying $4 for a cut of hot water with a tea bag does not agree with. Look for cafes that provide tea infusions or herbal tea.

Take a nap: Though napping at work don’t make your boss happy, you should try it if it is possible because researches reveal that a short nap is more powerful and helpful than a cup of coffee.

Taking carbs: Many of us experience an afternoon fatigue. It is an awful period after lunch where you struggle to stay awake and concentrate on your work. Be careful with the items you take as lunch. Avoid carbs included heavy lunch; instead include strong protein elements, such as tin of tuna.

Take a look at your habits: Our drink and dine choices are habitual. We go with some actions with particular drinks and food. If you think your caffeine intake is habitual, address the routine. Change your habits one by one.

If you follow these tips to quit caffeine, you will be able to completely stop drinking caffeine within a month. Sort out your sleep patterns and address stressful situations. Once you become healthy again, you can enjoy one espresso a day.