What are The Benefits of Vitamin K Cream?

Vitamin k cream is rich in vitamin K as its main ingredient. Vitamin K benefits when it is used by liver for the production of proteins which are needed to support blood clotting. It is found in number of vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce etc.

Vitamin k cream is rich in vitamin K as its main ingredient

These day markets are flooded with number of vitamin K cream to provide you medicinal benefits when applied to skin. You would be glad to know that vitamin K cream is used by cosmetologists and dermatologists because they magically help in reducing facial redness, spider veins and bruises. Check out the vitamin K cream benefits which are explained below in article!


Bruises develop when damaged blood vessels leak blood under the skin. When vitamin k cream is applied directly over bruises, it enables your body to soak up the blood much faster and aids in early healing of bruises as well. If you have undergone any facial surgery, application of vitamin k cream benefits both before and after the surgery by preventing the development of bruises.

Skin redness and irritation

Vitamin K cream greatly helps in treating skin redness and rosacea which is a chronic skin condition. Vitamin K cream also soothes irritated and red skin and reduces the appearance of rosacea patches in a great way.

Under eye dark circles

In a study which was carried out by Departments of Dermatology of Cornell Medical Centre and New York University Medical Center, it was confirmed that vitamin K cream helps in reducing under eyes dark circles in a very effective way. Dark circles appear due to injured blood vessels which leaks blood and give the appearance of dark circles.

Vitamin K creams are combined with retinol which is one of the most important ingredients of anti-aging creams to reduce the visibility of under eyes dark circles.

Varicose and spider veins

The ugly appearances of spider veins, varicose veins and capillaries can be reduced to a large extent by direct application of vitamin K cream.

The fragile walls of blood vessels and increased pressure on them due to weight gain leads to formation of varicose and spider veins. Vitamin K creams help in speeding up the repairing process of varicose and spider veins.

All in all Vitamin K Cream is a best solution for your various skin problems and you should definitely have a look at them. Its easy to shop at Amazon and you may get various brands at quite a less price.