What Are The Signs of Menstrual Cycle?

Do you know that using calendar for determining your menstrual periods date is not always the best approach? This is because average menstrual cycle lengths can vary from month to month. It is important to apply equal attention to the physical signs that helps to know about the start of your menstrual period.

Keep in mind that specific signs vary from person to person but there exists certain common signs that indicates the beginning of menstrual period. Such signs of menstrual cycle are written below in the article- have a look!

Cramping: Cramping is the most significant sign of menstrual periods. In this, tightness and pain occurs in lower abdomen and lower back area of body.

The American congress of obstetricians and gynecologists (ACOG) suggested that menstrual cramps are worst during first few years of menstruation but ease up in life mainly after childbirth. Mild cramping is normal but if you suffer from severe cramping, get yourself checked by a doctor immediately.

Bleeding: Bleeding from vagina is the primary sign of menstruation period, according to National Institute of Health. The menstruation blood can be of red, dark red or brown color. It is a mixture of blood and tissues from uterus.

It can lasts between 3-5 days and in some cases up to 7 days. You require tampons or sanitary pads for soaking bleeding. Remember that use of more than 10 pads or tampons in a day is abnormal and should be consulted with doctor.

Other signs that can occur before or during the menstruation are moodiness, bloating, trouble in sleeping, food cravings, breast tenderness etc.  These signs occur in women body due to the fluctuations in hormones just before the starting of her menstruation period.

Fluctuations in hormones wreak havoc on woman’s emotions.  There may be severe changes in her attitude. She may suffer from crying spells, depression, and anxiety and feel less sociable during this time.

Acnes: Pesky hormones can cause acne development on faces. You can consult doctor and get medications for treating acnes.

Changes in appetite: During PMS, women may experience changes in her appetite. Some women may suffer from nausea and disinterest in food while others may have food cravings. In a study conducted by Department of Psychology at the University of Leeds, hormone fluctuations makes woman susceptible to overeating.

So don’t get afraid by reading signs of menstruation cycle. Gradually women get used to of all these signs and symptoms!