What Does a Good Oral Hygiene Routine Look Like?

Looking after your teeth is one of the most important things you should do on a daily basis.

Since you only get one set of adult teeth which need to last you all of your life, it’s vital that you give them the proper care and attention that they need in order to function properly and minimize your risk of developing any oral issues. But, what does a good oral hygiene routine look like?

Practicing proper dental hygiene involves much more than simply cleaning your teeth once or twice a day.

Oral Hygiene

Regular Dental Visits

Aside from cleaning and looking after your teeth daily, regular dental visits should make up a huge part of your oral health and hygiene routine.

Visiting your dentist for regular check-ups is absolutely essential in order to ensure that there are no potential problems developing with your teeth, and you will also be able to get some handy tips and pointers from your dentist when it comes to how to best look after them.

By visiting the best dentist in Bangalore at least once every six months, you are less likely to develop dental issues that will cause you pain and discomfort.

Regular Brushing

It goes without saying that regular brushing should be the main part of your dental hygiene routine. You should brush your teeth at least twice per day, and also consider brushing them after consuming any food or drinks which are stain-inducing, such as coffee, as doing so will reduce your risk of having the enamel of your teeth stained a brown or yellowish color.

Brushing with an electric or manual toothbrush is effective, however, dentists recommend that you use an electric toothbrush as these brushes are more able to reach the smaller areas of your mouth such as in between teeth and also put the right amount of pressure on your teeth, making it less likely that you will brush the enamel off.

Regular Flossing

In order to ensure that your teeth get the best care and oral health, it’s not only essential that you brush them daily, but also that you floss them, too. Flossing your teeth allows you to get right in between them and remove any build-up of plaque or food which you can’t dislodge with a toothbrush alone.

After brushing and flossing your teeth, it’s also a good idea to rinse out your mouth with water or mouthwash, as this will help to clean away any food particles which are left inside.

Watch Your Diet

The foods that you put into your body also have an effect on your teeth. In order to ensure that your teeth are in the best shape, you should avoid eating and drinking too many foods and drinks which have a high acid or sugar content, as these can erode tooth enamel and cause plaque build-up, leading to issues such as cavities or tooth sensitivities.

Your daily oral care routine is vital to making sure that your teeth are healthy.