What is Skin – Increasing Use of Cosmetics for Beauty and Skin

Skin can be referred to as human body’s largest organ. It is something that surrounds our body and protects it from the environment, helps optimizing the body temperature, removes unwanted and waste material from it, acts as a body moisture regulator and the major role is send sensory information to the brain.

Everyone wants to look beautiful, younger and free from blemish. We are always worried about how our beautiful skin looks to us and to others and this is how many of us define their self image.

The epidermis, dermis and hypo-dermis layers make the skin. Epidermis is the outer most layers and as we grow old, it gradually thins. This process accelerates when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Increasing use of skin care products and cosmetics

Skin is the organ we take care of most. We spend a lot of our income on our skin, to make it soft and look beautiful but forget about the fact that how the skin care products and cosmetic products affect the body. Though some of the cosmetic materials may have negative effects, we will discuss in this article both good and bad aspects of cosmetics and what makes then a necessity for our skin.

Though some of the cosmetics helps temporary thickening of this layer but no permanent solution to this natural process is found yet. So the best way to prevent file lines and wrinkles on our skin is limiting the exposure to ultraviolet radiation and even sun-rays.

Use of cosmetics for beauty and skin

Cosmetic is any product which when applied gives a temporary superficial change that enhances the facial features and appearance. It helps hiding blemishes, scars, under eye marks and also enhances skin tone. Most often, women use cosmetics or make ups and decorate their faces to attract others and try to look beautiful.

But most of them are unaware of the fact that most cosmetic companies set aside the concepts of natural beauty resulting in large flaws on the faces forcing them to spend more on the cosmetics.

It may be interesting to know that people who bathe more are more prone to infection and eczema as a result of what is called washing away the natural bacteria and germicides. The reason to this is that the skin surface is the home to numerous healthy micro organisms that helps avoiding harmful bacteria.

Many cosmetic products may appear to be safe but there are no long term effects. Certain cosmetic products can be absorbed by inhaling them like hairspray and talcum powders.

Creams are supposed to treat the dry skin but they actually remove the natural oils from the skin that prevents dryness. Some also contains harmful chemicals that may cause temporary or permanent skin problems. They may only give a short term beauty but a long term hazards to health on the other hand.