What Should I Tell My Doctor About Compounding?

All patients should invest some time in researching something before they give it a try. That goes for any treatment, medication, doctor change or even a change in pharmacy. Your health is very important. You must make well educated decisions to ensure that you get the best care possible. If you have decided to switch to a compounding pharmacy, you may not be sure what to tell your doctor.


Should I Tell My Doctor About My Switch to Compounding?

If you have never obtained a compounded prescription before, then you may not be sure what your doctor will say. This is something you absolutely must discuss with a medical practitioner. There’s no way around it because you will be required to obtain a prescription from a physician. It’s much better to mention it and see what your doctor has to say. You may be surprised to learn that your doctor may have already written compounding prescriptions for other patients.

Do You Know Why You Want to Switch?

It’s very important to know exactly why you want to switch to a compounding pharmacy before you talk to your doctor. They will likely want to know if there is a reason because it may be an indication that your current treatment isn’t meeting your expectations. You may want more options in terms of how you take your medicine or maybe you don’t like the taste. Or perhaps the dosage just isn’t quite right and you prefer something that is tailored to your body’s needs.

Do You Know How Compounding Works?

You don’t need to have an in depth understanding of specific medication recipes, but you should know a bit about the basics of compounding. This process includes taking various ingredients and combining them to form a medication on a patient-by-patient basis. Nothing is mass produced. The compounding chemist makes everything on-site. Going into the conversation with some background knowledge will tell your doctor that you have done your research and are making an informed decision.

What If My Doctor Suggests a Different Mass Produced Medication?

If you expressed specific problems and concerns with your current prescription, your doctor may recommend a mass produced alternative. What you do next really depends on you. Ask your doctor why they feel this alternative would be a better choice. If you still aren’t convinced, then let your doctor know. It is your health and you should have a say in what medications you take and how they are made.

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