A Few Tips on Selecting That Ideal Wheel Chair for The Elderly

As we grow older, our bodies start feeling weak and slowly but surely, are reduced to relying on many different mobility aids in order to get around to such an extent that we are not really a burden amongst our extended friends and family circles.

As a matter of fact, it is sometimes pretty difficult for any otherwise full bodied and healthy young man (or woman as the case may be) to fully understand exactly how difficult it is for the geriatric patient to be fully mobile or at least retain sufficient mobility that they can take also care of their daily tasks and chores.

This is the part where certain safety aids such as wheelchairs for the elderly come into the picture.

As a matter of fact, many, if not most such aids and specially wheelchairs are able to make an immediate  clear and really tangible difference in the extended lives of the very people who are forced to learn to rely on such aids the most.

The ever present wheel chair

The humble wheelchair is arguably one of the single most common mobility aids that currently exist for providing mobility to the elderly.

Really old people and other patients (geriatric and otherwise) who suffer from either partial paralysis or weakness of the legs can now be taken right around in a wheel chair to malls parks, and cinemas as well as any other places that are similarly equipped with wheelchair accessibility ramps, so as to ensure that they too can easily also enjoy life to the maximum.

And this holds even truer for an wheel chair that is electric powered that can help in the mobility of the patient no end. There are certain tips for choosing that just right wheelchair. Let us check them out in some detail.


Weight is an obvious issue for using a wheel chair outside the hospital. Why outside? Because wheelchairs in hospitals are very heavy affairs and are made of steel and built to last for decades of service for patents of all sizes.

Portability is not the criterion here. But for a wheel chair for a home, it is necessary that it should be light enough for even a female to put in the trunk of a taxi for instance.

This is why it is deemed ideal to opt for a wheel chair that is made of aluminum over a steel one.

The width of the seat

Many elderly patients tend to prefer to have really wide wheelchairs so that they can also put in their favorite stuff when they are traveling in them.

But this is not deemed to be ideal because it is difficult to maneuver them in tight places as such.