When Do You Need an Endodontist in the Huntington Beach Area?    

You are at B. Candy in Huntington Beach, enjoying a handcrafted cookie monster ice cream, which is one of the top sweet treats in Orange County.

But within a few minutes of guilt-free indulgence, your prolonged tooth pain hits in right away.


On the other hand, the beach city presents high water hardness levels, close to 250 ppm (mg/L).

Such water conditions can worsen your dental problems, and visiting a top Endodontist in Huntington Beach is the safest way to maintain your oral health.

The experienced specialists in root canal procedures offer painless dental treatments using cutting-edge research and tools. Here’s when you should consult an endodontist in the Huntington Beach area.

Persistent Tooth Pain

No beach city does desserts better than Huntington Beach. Walk along the Pacific Coast Highway, and you can enjoy lip-smacking sweet treats, from ice creams to pastries.

But too much sweet can cause persistent tooth pain, which is a sign that you need to get your condition checked by a leading professional.

Top endodontists design the root canal procedure to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent tooth infection, thus saving your natural tooth.

A Chipped Tooth

Huntington Beach presents engaging sports leagues, including beach soccer, flag football and beach volleyball.

However, accidents involving tooth cracking are quite common in such sports. The situation demands you to consult a dental specialist with advanced training in root canals.

An adept Endodontist Huntington Beach will look for nerve damages near the affected teeth that can cause sensitivity, requiring a root canal treatment.

Tooth Mobility

The age group of 65 and above accounts for the largest chunk of Surf City’s population, over 37%.

When your tooth gets infected, it may feel looser. And this tooth mobility issue aggravates as you age, which is when you need to check the condition with a specialist.

Apart from pulpal necrosis, other reasons, such as gender, also soften the bone around the affected tooth’s root, causing mobility. Endodontists recommend root canal procedures to ensure tooth mobility does not lead to other severe dental issues.

Tooth Discoloration

The expert-recommended Fluoride level in drinking water is 0.7 ppm. And while the permissible value that can cause the least dental fluorosis effect is upto 1 ppm, Huntington Beach follows a standard limit of 4 ppm.

Prolonged exposure to high Fluoride content can cause tooth discoloration or fluorosis.

Whether it’s fluorosis or a tooth pulp infection that gives your tooth a greyish-black appearance, it’s good to see a dental specialist. They look for inadequate blood supply, which is a signal to go ahead with the root canal procedure.

Swelling in Gums

When the gums near the affected tooth feel tender and swollen, it is a sign that the issue requires a root canal.

When you suffer from such a condition, you should see an experienced Endodontist. In Huntington Beach, the experts look for the primary causes, such as acidic waste products of dead pulp tissues, that lead to swelling outside the root tip area.

Final Thoughts

Since last May, Huntington Beach has eased beaches and fishing rules, with the city allowing a passive use of fishing locations in June.

Consult a top endodontist to keep your teeth free from all possible ailments. Rest assured, you can have excellent dental health and enjoy Surf City’s pleasant outdoor engagements to the fullest.