Why it’s important to choose the right plastic surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon shouldn’t be an easy process; in fact, it should be a carefully evaluated, well thought out and confident decision knowing you’ve done your research.

Whether you require rhinoplasty surgery to correct your nasal passage, or if you’re unhappy with the shape and size of your breast, cosmetic surgery will hope to affect your physical appearance; in other words, plastic surgery is designed to increase the quality of your life, whether corrective or cosmetic intended—one wrong decision can endure you into long-term issues such as, extreme sadness, a wasted invested (not covered by insurance) and a possibly worsening medical condition.

Why it’s important to choose the right plastic surgeon

Conversely, finding the right doctor will assure you the exact opposite, encouraging confidence, exciting you of the future ahead and reimagine a life you never deemed possible before.

The following suggestions are aimed to assist your research when choosing the right plastic surgeon for your procedure:

Board certified should be of top priority

Every patient should mandate a health care profession that is highly trained in his or her field of practice. A board certified cosmetic surgeon in rhinoplasty surgery filed should be your first requirement during your search.

Board certification is a tangible piece of information demonstrating a physician’s exceptional skill in a specific medical field. To become certified, a physician must voluntary undergo a rigorous process administered by an ABMS Member Board that involves comprehensive training, testing and peer evaluation—designed by specialists in that specific area of medicine, which assures proficiency, quality of care and lifelong responsibility to uphold excellency in all manners of healthcare.

Unfortunately, the medical world won’t always tell you whether or not a doctor is board certified, so, ask the interested or impending plastic surgeon if he or she is on the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Many make the mistake of thinking every cosmetic physician are board certified or misinterpret state medical boards as board certification. Keep in mind, however, the government does not require surgeons to be trained regarding the procedure they offer.

However, don’t assume all board certified cosmetic surgeons are right for you, as it’s imperative to ask these questions with your doctor:

  • How does your specific training correlate with my procedure?
  • For what amount of time does your experience involve this type of procedure?
  • Have you’ve experienced any unsatisfied results from previous clients?

Connect on an aesthetic level

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” an artistic cliché all to commonly announced; however, it’s imperative that you and your potential surgeon regard the same (or similar) taste in beauty or aesthetic sensibility when working together.

A friend’s recommendation or customer testimonial won’t help you in such circumstances; hence, to connect on an aesthetic level, your only option relies on a face-to-face dialect that clarifies such an intangible characteristic that will assure you that your doctor knows what you want.

Follow good energy

Like it or not, you will be getting to know your plastic surgeon quite well before and after the procedure is complete.

Surgery, whether it be brain, open heart or cosmetic—is an emotional experience. Trusting your surgeon’s expertise as well as his or her ethical mannerism, warmness, patience, and positive energy is vital to ease nerves and promote trust into your decision.

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