Why Organic Weight Loss Pills are Good for One’s Health

If we think about it carefully, when our ancestors experienced any problems regarding their health, they used to always went back to the mother nature to aid them in recuperating themselves using herbs, flowers and all sorts of tree parts. Over the years, we have been the witnesses of how, despite the drastic advancements and breakthroughs we have made in medical science, natural medicines have outweighed the drugs that we have invented to combat different diseases.

That is why we have always had an impression that if something is organic, it might be good for our health and way better than any of its synthetic counterparts. This is because they help in curing health problems much effectively than any drug out there and with lesser to no side effects at all. But is it really so? What makes it better than any artificially-produced drug? Is there really zero harm in using them? In this article, we will thoroughly discuss why organic weight loss pills are good for the health.

More Nutrients, Better Weight?

Which one is better, organic foods or their counterparts that are conventionally raised? Few researches have been conducted in order to ascertain if there’s any difference or if one is better between organically-grown food and those that are conventionally raised and experts have debated this over the years in search for the answer. It turns out that organic foods contain more antioxidants than foods that are conventionally grown, and are better over-all.

Let us take apple as an example, while both may be of the same nutritional content, the organic apple’s size is smaller which means that it has more nutrients per ounce. So, you’ll get the same amount of nutrients while consuming lesser amount of calories compared to the bigger apple that is conventionally raised.

The funny thing, though, is that the possible reason for this could be the small amount of nitrogen fertilizer that farmers put, perhaps because of the small amount of fertilizer that they have. Well, whatever the reason, the point is that by choosing organic, you get the same or even more nutrients but lesser calorie compared to conventionally-grown food.


It is a proven fact that manufacturers add additives and preservatives into their products to keep them fresh and lengthen the time that they can be used. In canned products and just almost anything that comes in packaging, we have added preservatives and additives to not only keep them fresh for long periods of time, but also enhance their flavors. It almost seems like they are only applicable to food, until we have discovered that they can be used elsewhere.

Other than your junk food and sardines, they’re also put in your medicines and drugs. But by putting these into your weight loss pills, you run the risk of having the very opposite of what you’re trying to achieve because they reportedly cause health risks, side effects and much worse, weight gain. Fortunately for you, organic weight loss pills do not contain such chemicals as they can be preserved without them, thus making them a much healthier and preferable option over the ones that contain additives.

Side effects

Lose that bulging belly without suffering from any side effects! Have you ever read that or something like that when buying some weight loss pills in the pharmacy or department store? Do not believe in it no matter how grand and inviting their promises could be, even saying that they don’t cause any side effects. Because no matter how hard the labels deny it, almost all kinds of weight loss pills cause side effects when you take them. These may include but not limited to seizures, hallucinations, tremors, and many more.

But just when you thought that there’s not a single pill out there that is safe, there’s actually only one kind of weight loss pills seem to be void of side effects that come with making you lose weight, organic weight loss pills. Unlike other drugs that contain harsh chemicals to make you shed some of those weight, organic weight loss pills are composed of only natural ingredients such as natural oils and fiber which only help you control your appetite and lose weight, nothing more.

Origin of Ingredients

Not only do they lack additives and are void of side effects, but the ingredients in weight loss pills make them stand out from their synthetic counterparts. The ingredients of these pills are mostly extracted from plants, and may include natural substances such as cinnamon, green tea, acai berries, and oils like fish or safflower.

They are the complete opposite of artificially-produced drugs that are composed of chemicals and substances that are produced in laboratories. Though not all of them may contain all of these natural ingredients, still they are proven to be safe to use and free from any dangerous chemicals that may do more harm than good in our bodies.

Doctor’s Orders

Whether it’s an organic pill or synthetically made weight loss pill, if you do not meet the minimum requirements of taking them, such as a body mass index of 40 or higher, then you shouldn’t take any of them. Because of their health risks without prescription and professional supervision, they won’t be prescribed unless you are morbidly obese or if you’re weight makes it more difficult to regulate other related conditions such as diabetes and heart problems.

So if you just want to take off some of those annoying belly fats around your waist to make you look stunningly sexy before going out to a party or just to fit in that insanely small swimsuit, then it’s a big no-no for you.

To conclude, though we have made remarkable and significant discoveries in the field of medicine, we are still no match in the wonders of what natural medicines can do. But put in mind that although natural, they still have to be under the direct prescription and supervision of doctors and taken with the correct dosage.