Why Use a Compounding Chemist To Make Your Progesterone Pessaries

This is one of the most common questions that we received – ‘why use a compounding chemist to make your progesterone pessaries when you can just get a standard option’? The truth lies in the fact that pessaries are a solid tool for helping to ensure a healthy pregnancy. You want to make sure that anything you put in your body towards this goal is of the highest quality and specifically tailored to your needs. Why would you want to use a compounding chemist to make your progesterone pessaries?

 ChemistPessaries made for you

Customization is one of the largest benefits of working with a qualified compounding chemist. You are not buying mass-produced medicine that works ‘for most people’. You are buying a medication that is specifically tailored to your needs and specifications.

This means that your compounding chemist is able to change a particular dosage, leave out certain ingredients if you have an allergy, or help you with a number of other personal preferences. If you have any specific, individual needs, the compounding chemist simply offers more flexibility to work with you.

The delivery is straightforward and convenient

When ordering from an online compounding chemist, you do not need to leave the house to receive your medication. Not only are you going to save time by not having to stop by the nearest chemist, but you also do not need to worry about picking up your order. It is a straightforward and modern way to order your progesterone pessaries.

Dosages to your specifications

As previously mentioned, the mass-produced medications work for a large percentage of the people. That does not mean that it is optimized to your specifications. When you use a compounding chemist to make your progesterone pessaries for you, it is possible to address your body’s unique requirements with each order. This means that each time you use your pessaries, you do not have to worry about overdosing or underdosing, you are receiving exactly what your body needs every time.

The pricing is competitive

You may think that using a compounding chemist to make your progesterone pessaries is going to be more expensive than just buying ‘off the shelf’ – you would be surprised. In fact, when compared to the traditional pharmacies, you will find that compounding chemists may even offer you a better price on progesterone pessaries. While this is not always the case, it certainly offers you a great way get a personalized medication for about the same that you would normally pay, sometimes even less.

Author Bio:

iCompound is a New South Wales based online Compound Pharmacy. As qualified compound chemists they are experienced makers of progesterone pessaries and other medications tailored to your individual needs. Just send your prescription to iCompound, they will make it and deliver it to your door.

Visit them at www.icompound.com.au to learn more or place your order for progesterone pessaries.