Workout Mistakes – Made by Many Realised by Few

More and more people are taking it upon themselves to improve their levels of fitness and thus feel healthier. Enrolling in a gym has become a popular way to both lose weight and tone up but sometimes with mixed results. There are many misconceptions about the right and wrong way to work out. Many people don’t realise that they are approaching exercise in a way that is at best a waste of time, or at worst potentially damaging to health.

Common workout mistakes

The more exercise is done, the better:

This isn’t true. Sticking to a manageable routine is much more beneficial than going all out and overdoing it every time a gym visit is planned. In actual fact, the more exercise that is done, the more blood sugar levels drop, meaning that by the time the training session has ended, the temptation is to overload the system with sugary foods to stop a hypoglycaemic attack. Therefore, the exerciser might end up consuming far more calories than they burned off in the first place.

Not having a set exercise plan:

A gym routine does not need to be overcomplicated, but it does need to have some structure to it. A workout should, in reality, last no longer than thirty minutes with regular short breaks for recovery. This is the best way to see results and know that a new level of fitness is being achieved. Do the workout, get out of the gym and get on with living life rather than spending hours there and seeing no benefit.

Using all the gym equipment:

There is no need to use every single bit of gym equipment on every visit! All that is really needed is some work on weights; the rest of the machines that are put in gyms are really only there in order to keep memberships up and make sure that people keep returning.

Burning all that energy means sports drinks are required:

No. A normal workout will not require anybody to take on isotonic sports drinks for energy. Water is fine as a drink for re-hydration. The extra calories, sugar and salts in bought energy drinks can actually do more harm than good unless the exerciser is taking on the sort of training required to compete in hard fought sporting events.

The right way

A short, intense workout: One that stimulates fast fat burning with very short rest periods of a half a minute or so is the best way forward for weight loss and instant results.

Incorporate gym work with other exercise: Don’t just rely on workouts for exercise. In-between times, take up gentle jogging, power walking or running round the park with the family and having a kick about with a football. All this counts as exercise and can mean the difference between becoming bored and finding exercise fun.

Finding the right foods to eat: A diet rich in whole foods, lean protein, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as the right sorts of fats combined with gym exercise is the right way forward with losing weight, rather than eating a host of fatty, sugar laden, processed foods that have no nutritional benefit at all.