Worrying How to Stimulate the Hair Growth? Look Here

Long or beautiful hair adds beauty and improves the personality of the people. But unfortunately hair fall is the main concern for most of the people nowadays.

Regardless of the sex, both male and female suffer from this problem. It’s a growing concern for all the age group starting from school going children to old age people.

There are many solutions and multiple therapies that help to stimulate the hair growth. Some of them are massage, using of certain herbal hair oils, acupressure, nutritional supplements, hair lotions, shampoos etc.

Hair oil is one of the common among them. Let us see some simple yet effective methods to stimulate the hair growth.

Stimulate hair growth
Stimulate hair growth


Scalp massage helps in activating the points in the scalp that will stimulate the hair growth.

Massage also increases the blood circulation in the scalp which brings in new blood cells to the spot to heal any damages on the scalp.

So dead follicles will be removed and new follicles would be formed.

Herbal hair oils:

There is a difference between massaging with normal oil and herbal oil specially prepared with the herbs for hair fall.

The herbal oil has variety of ingredients in it which provides the nutrition for the scalp as well as for hairs. As like the other human organs scalp and hair also requires some special nutrients for it to be healthy.

Simple Amla oil alone has much iron content in it and Amla itself is a good conditioner for hair so herbal oil like this has its own potential effects which helps in stimulating the hair growth.

If you want you can know some of the other best benefits of Amla here.

Hair lotions:

There is a great controversy existing for the use of hair lotions. Hair lotion can be used as a substitute of the hair oil when we are roaming out. It is difficult to apply oil on hair and go outside as it gives a sticky appearance to the face.

In this case hair lotions help in moisturizing the hair keeping it healthy. This also stimulates the hair growth by providing the essential nutrients to the scalp.

Nutritional supplements and water:

Supplements are very essential for everyone. A good physical health is required for the body to receive the nutrients and to function accordingly. Just proper nutritional intake will not help in hair growth.

It is also important for the person to consume good amount of water so as treat the hair problems easily and fast. Sufficient water intake will help the nutrients to get properly absorbed into the body. Good amount of water is also required to maintain the body homeostasis.

Physical exercises:

One may think that exercises and hair growth is not related to each other. But a good physical work out is much essential for the proper body functions. Brisk walking under mild sunlight is much beneficial as it also provides vitamin A which is primary for hair growth.

Hopefully these all tips helps you a lot in getting healthy and shiny hairs that you just dream about.