Yoga Asanas For Pregnancy – Types Of Yoga Useful During Pregnancy

Yoga asanas prescribed for pregnancy induce relaxation and smooth breathing, enhance the energy level of women and delay onset of exhaustion, minimize stress at physical and emotional level, foster body stamina and confidence level; bring about improvement in posture, body balance and stability as weight increases; optimize health status as pregnancy advances; reduces the amount of medical care needed throughout the pregnancy and inspire a happy childbirth.

yoga asana during pregnancy

Many yoga asanas can be performed during pregnancy like:

  • Sukhasana(sitting posture) ,
  • Vajrasana (ankle asana),
  • Bhadrasana,
  • Padmasana,
  • Parvatasana,
  • Tadasana,
  • Vakrasana,
  • Yashtikasana,
  • Hastapadangustasana,
  • Shavasana.

The yogic exercises should be carried out in rhythmic manner and jerks, abrupt movements are to be avoided. Breathing is to be observed while doing asanas and it should be kept normal. A posture is to be maintained as long as the comfort level of body permits and an asana is to be done for minimum eight to ten breaths. The yoga asanas should be performed in airy space wearing loose fitting clothes.

Types Of Yoga Useful During Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy gets the expectant mothers to relax and breath properly that is vital for the health of developing fetus. Yoga tones the body muscles and imparts flexibility without overstraining the joints. Varied types of yoga moves are prescribed for different phases of pregnancy.

In the first trimester, one should concentrate on the types of yoga as mentioned here for maximum benefit and preparing the body for the oncoming stress it has to bear as the fetus develops. Prominent types of yoga to be done are:

  • asana of half butterfly,
  • Squat and Rise posture,
  • cat stretch,
  • shoulder and waist rotation yogic forms,
  • Churning milk and wood chop positions etc.

In the second trimester, yoga postures are to be designed for better digestion, no constipation, and nerve relaxation up to the legs, redistribution of excessive accumulation of fat around waist region, strengthening pelvic floor muscles, toning the reproductive system and removing stiffness from body. Major types of yoga to be practiced are posture of fish flapping its fins, posture of thunder bolt, benignant pose, raising the hand posture etc.

Third trimester yoga moves should focus prominently to loosen the hip and knee joints for quicker delivery and improved blood circulation among imparting other benefits. The yogic postures should alleviate the sense of fear and tightening of uterus.

The types of yoga to be resorted are similar to first trimester especially the full and half butterfly postures along with abdominal stretching moves, angle crank and shoulder rotation. The yoga practice brings about safe and healthy delivery.

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