3 Different Types of Yoga that Works for Weight Loss

Unhealthy eating habits and a modern lifestyle can regularly attribute to weight gain problems.

In order to get back in shape, people adopt many exercise forms and amongst them, there are different types of Yoga useful for weight loss.

Performing Yoga on a routine basis offers several benefits making you feel stronger, tones your body, reduce stress, flexibility, and help lose weight.

Yoga postures Navasana
Yoga postures Navasana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In order to lose weight, pick up those exercises which raise your heart rate which in turn burn the calories.

If you are choosing Yoga for weight loss, ensure that it includes the postures that help burn fat and tones your body.

Yoga is chosen worldwide for weight loss because it does not leave you tired, sore, or stressed out.

An individual feels rejuvenated and, this motivates him/her to carry on with the weight loss program.

Contrary to the flow styles of Yoga, there are some different types of Yoga useful for weight loss are:

1- Power Yoga:

The Yoga postures of this section are more intense.

The postures are fitness-focused and involve breathing movements. This Yoga is performed in different orders thus; one session varies from another.

In order to enhance the benefits, you can even consider lighting/burning a piece of Palo Santo.

Palo Santo have the natural properties that can help purify the surrounding, make us calm, and promote positive energy.

To know more about Palo Santo in detail you can consider checking these pages:



2- Bikram Yoga:

This Yoga is usually performed in a 95-100 degree hot room. Hot Yoga is another name of Bikram Yoga.

This Yoga consists of twenty-six poses which are physically demanding and intense. Deep stretching and greater flexibility are the roots of this Yoga.

3- Ashtanga Yoga:

It involves vigorous styles of poses with advantages for those who want to lose weight. The posing comprises of the same kinds of postures in a particular rhythm.

This type of Yoga postures are quite demanding and is good for those who already have a basic understanding of Yoga.

Other than this, there is Fitness Yoga, Pilates Yoga for losing weight. You may get more information on Yoga and lifestyles on blogs such as yoga sutras.

No matter whichever Yoga form you pick, make it a point that you maintain a routine.

Remaining consistent will offer you to get back in shape in no time since; Yoga aims on giving a healthy body and mind.

However; consult a Yoga expert before performing to know what suits your body.