Yoga Poses to Help You Get Pregnant – While Trying to Conceive

Yoga helps in finding inner balance and strengthen the body. But were you aware that yoga may be your ticket to a faster pregnancy as well? Indeed, there are special yoga poses that are designed to boost your fertility!

Yoga to get pregnant
Yoga to get pregnant

So, would you like to tone your reproductive organs and promote hormonal balance as well?

Many women are well aware that the ancient art of yoga can help them maintain their health during pregnancy.

There is no doubt that beginners are best off practicing with the help of a trained instructor, but now with the internet means you have the whole world at your finger tips, you can even  do preconception yoga at the comfort of your own home.

Here are some poses that are beneficial for ladies who are trying to conceive.

Lotus position

This cross-legged sitting position is extremely famous. You’ll have seen this, without a doubt. The lotus position is not only a fantastic pose for meditation; it also boosts circulation to your legs, abdomen, and reproductive organs.

Reclining hero

What is the reclining hero pose? To reach this position, lie flat on your back on a hard surface like a yoga mat or the floor. Then slowly progress into a position that has your legs above your abs.

Your feet will be parallel with your thigh bones, and your hands alongside your hips. This position is aimed to increase blood circulation – the longer you are able to maintain it, the better.

Child’s pose

This pose with a name so very relevant to women who are trying to conceive comes from the fetal position babies like to hang out in the womb. Fold your head onto the floor, your arms and legs remaining next to each other on the ground. Your spine will be slightly curled. The child’s pose is relaxing, and soothes your mind.

Author bio: Tania is a fitness instructor. She writes about how to get pregnant, infertility, pregnancy issues, prenatal health, and babies.