Zerona Laser Applications for Slim Figure and Healthy Lifestyles

Eating nutritionally balanced meals and exercising often are the chief ways of maintaining a healthy figure.  However, many people find that they have stubborn areas of fat that will not go away, even with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise.  If you have this problem, you may want to consider trying out the Zerona treatment, a cold laser treatment, that works as a safe, noninvasive alternative to liposuction.

Zerona Laser Applications

What is Zerona?

Zerona is a noninvasive body sculpting procedure that removes fat from the body without the risks associated with surgical liposuction, such as bruising, swelling, and lumpy skin.  The Zerona laser was originally used for assistance in surgical liposuction procedures, but has been proven to remove inches from the waist, hip, and thighs on its own.  Currently, research is being done to test Zerona applications on other parts of the body.

How Does Zerona Work?

The doctor will have the patient lie down on one side while the cold lasers are applied to the targeted area.  After twenty minutes, the patient will then turn over and lie on his/her other side while the lasers are applied.  This process will be repeated for six sessions, scheduled over a period of a few weeks.  That’s all it takes – a few sessions of lying down for forty minutes under a painless laser.

As the laser is applied, it travels through the skin and is attracted to fat cells, which it liquefies, causing the fatty contents to leak out.  This waste is then dispelled from the system through normal bodily functions.  A special diet and exercise regimen will be assigned to the patient during the treatment in order to maximize the loss of fat.

Advantages of Zerona

Zerona is a low level, or “cold,” laser meaning that there is no pain associated with it.  At most, recipients may feel a slight tingling sensation.  Because of the painless nature of Zerona, no anesthesia is required for the patient.  Patients require no recovery time, so you will not have any trouble resuming your daily activities.

The lack of recovery time is what enables the doctor to prescribe the patient an exercise regimen for optimum fat loss.  Unlike standard surgical liposuction, there are no risks or possible complications associated with Zerona.  Surgical liposuction can result in sagging, discolored skin, and damage to tissue.  Finally, the Zerona procedure can be repeated for further fat loss.

This is a guest posts by Erick D. Smith. Erick D. Smith is a blogger living in San Diego, California who writes about healthcare and weight loss, specifically using Zerona treatment as an alternative to liposuction. Using this cold laser technology, there is a promising outlook that a few additional Zerona applications will soon be used on other parts of the body.

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