4 Best Yoga Poses for Shaping Up Your Abs

Apart from many exercises prevalent in the world, Yoga is a new way to stay in good shape. The Western world is slowly realizing the importance of yoga in keeping the human body fit and healthy.

It not only helps the body keep fit but also helps in preventing many diseases that are common in nature and affect the body at regular intervals.

Yoga to shape up your tummy comprises a few poses that are extremely beneficial to give the body the most wanted shape, coupled with a balanced diet and cardio exercises.

According to experts, it is also revealed that if you are regularly practicing yoga you do not need to practice any other heavy exercises for keeping your body fit.

1- Bow Pose

If you want to tone your abs well the bow pose can be of great help. To do this you have to lie down on the ground with your face towards it followed by holding the ankles with both your hands. You will need to raise your head too. The pose is to keep the stomach flattened towards the ground.

2- Peacock Pose

This yoga pose is quite difficult to attain but if done properly can do magic for your stomach. Here you need to balance your abdomen on your conjoint elbows along with raising the legs.

3- Sun Salutations

The Benefits of Surya Namaskar (or Sun Salutation) are many, especially if you are considering beginner yoga Singapore. It is actually a combination of both backward and forward motion. Sun salutations pose has a spiritual reflection also.

Yoga may seem to be easy but is quite difficult to master the pose. But if you can do it well you will get a good tummy shape.

4- Cat-Cow Stretch

This yoga pose is also quite difficult to do and involves the stretching of abdominal muscles. Be like a cat with your limbs brought together and attempt to bend the spine both ways. This works brilliantly.

Many people think that yoga is not that useful but they hold the wrong notion. If you can do yoga carefully you can get wonderful results.

Besides these helpful yoga poses you should keep in mind that a healthy diet routine is also a vital part of any exercise and yoga regime. One needs to regulate the number of calories that they take in, in order to make the workout really effective. You cannot expect to reduce belly fat when you are constantly on food.

Thus, these are some of the best yoga ways to give good shape to your tummy. Follow them and see the magic it does on your body.