Drinking Water for Acne – Does It Really Helps In Treating Skin Problem

Water is an elixir to human life. Simple water drinking will make the life enhanced and healthy.  Acne is a common condition which almost every people suffer atleast once in their lifetime.

Many of the people need immediate cure from acne but they do not even think about the cause of the occurrence of acne. Going into depth one may find out that when there is improper homeostasis then acne occurs as the outlet of body’s heat.

Drinking Water for Acne

Homeostasis is an important thing which every people need to have balanced in their body. This is disturbed when there is less intake of water.

Generally people eat some stuff (either fresh or junk) and due to one or the other reasons they skip or reduce the amount of water intake.

When reading this one may feel to ask that whether drinking the water, in enough quantity will cure acne. Frankly speaking, this is not true!

Getting Relieved from Acne

When thinking about how to get rid of acne, one must be clear that acne is a form of body letting out its toxins. Once the toxins are completely cleared, there is no chance of the recurrence of acne. But point should be remembered that the body homeostasis should be balanced.

For this to take place the person must take sufficient water per day. In general the daily water loss from a person’s body would round upto 1 to 1.5 lts minimum which includes urination, defecation and sweating (visible and invisible).

A minimum of 3 lts of water is therefore required by a normal human being.

How much time it would take for the acne to be healed?

This differs with each individual. If a person sees about 25% reductions in about a week then he/she may get clear skin in around a month.

This means that when body’s toxin levels are low and within limits then the healing process do not take much time. But in case if a person is fully loaded with unwanted pimples or acne, then it is difficult for them to get a clear skin in a month of time.

It is not mandatory to take cold, hot, or neutral water. Any of it will suit your body and you may take it as per your requirement and season. In cold weather neutral or hot water can be taken whereas in summer cold (normal not refrigerated) can be consumed.

So definitely drinking water for acne will help in the reduction and healing, but frankly speaking it may take some time as this is a natural process.