3 Easiest Exercises to Do for Overall Fitness

When talking about exercising, most people who are obese or overweight immediately imagine or think they are difficult to do. And that’s not even yet telling them what the exercise is going to be.

That is the reason why they have difficulty in losing weight. They say it is too difficult for their condition! Diet pills are what they want because they do not want to exert effort.

Alright, so let’s talk about exercises that are easiest to do, whether at home or work. All it will take will be five to ten minutes for each session and does no matter how many times it is done in a day. At the start, two to three times a day, then progress from that when the body gets used to the exercise. Here are the exercises:

Here in this article:

1. Push-ups

This does not need any explanation on how to do it. But to make the exercise easy and light, the push-up can be done with the hands on a table or chair seat and the feet on the floor, whichever is easier to start with. Personal Trainer Singapore suggests testing five push-ups that are easy enough but no less than that. Five push-ups will be just over a minute to do, maybe even less.

Do the exercise twice daily for a week. On the following week, increase the push-ups to ten per session. Continue increasing the number until such time that you sweat for just one session. Stay on that number of push-ups, say twenty, until you no longer sweat with it. Then increase the number again after. Sweating means losing weight, and as time passes, you will realize that some pounds are being shed.

Once it becomes too easy for hands to rest on a table or a chair, try with both hands and feet on the floor. Start from a low count again because there is more weight to push up on this position. Progress from it as was done in the previous exercise.

2. Sit-ups

Sit-ups will be difficult for obese or overweight people if they do not know how to start with them. The exercise is normally done from the prone position. To make it easy, put support at the back so the torso is inclined a bit, say about 15 to 30 degrees from a prone position. Make sure the feet are anchored to something fixed so they will not lift during the exercise.

As with the exercise of the push-up, start with five sit-ups. Once a day should do for a week because the abdominal muscles should not be rushed to get them firm. In the second week, do the exercise twice a day. Then on the third week, do a count of 10 once a day, then twice a day the following week.

After that, lower the back support. Start the exercise with a count of five again. The body should now be easier to do the exercise because the back has been strengthened and abdominal muscles are firmer. Again progress on the exercise as previously done.

3. Full Squats

Now that the upper body has been strengthened, the legs will need to be developed next by also another easy exercise which is the full squat. This is by just fully squatting from the standing position. The feet should be comfortably apart from each other. Do this exercise slowly, as this will be more tiring than the first two easy exercises.

The exercise count will be the same for starters, and progress will be the same as that for sit-ups. The difference with this exercise is that there should be a pause of 2 seconds at the full squat position and the standing position.

Point of Note: While doing the exercises, doing them with rhythmic deep inhale and then exhaling for each position of rest is a standard practice in exercising. It helps the lungs very much and better breathing.